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Yellow River Mother Sculpture

 Yellow River Mother Sculpture is located at the south bank of Yellow River in the city of Lanzhou. It is the regarded as best of its kind in China.
    The sculpture has the length of 6 meters and height of 2.6 meters with more than 40 tons. The whole sculpture comprises a mother and a baby. The mother with long hair, slim figure, lying on the undulate water looks happy and kind. On her breast holds a small kid who bears naive smile. Yellow River Mother Sculpture reflects the long history and culture of Gansu Province
    Yellow River is the second longest river in China estimated length of 5,464 kilometers after Yangtze River. Its headwaters of this mighty river originates from Kunlun Mountains in northwestern Qinghai Province, the west of China. It winds its way passing nine provinces and autonomous regions – Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan and Shandong, and finally empties into the Bohai Sea in the east of Shandong Province. Total basin area is 742,443 km².
    It flows the Loess Plateau in its middle section and carrys large amount of sand on its way down to the lower reaches of the mighty river, making the river appearing yellow, hence the name of Yellow River.
    Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the spiritual home of the Chinese people. For thousands of years, the Yellow River has been admired by grreat poets, artists, as well as by ordinary people. The Yellow River is the symbol of the Chinese nation, the spirit of the Chinese people and more importantly, civilization itself.
    Yellow River nurtures a lot town and cities including such big cities as Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Baotou, Zhengzhouand Jinnan. So if you are interested in seeing and feeling the giant river, you may go to these cities. Most of the cities have developed an area or a park to represent the Yellow River culture. 
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