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The Ancient City of Alimali

Located 11 kilometers to the northeast of the county seat of Huocheng, the ancient city, about 25 kilometers in circumference, is built in the Song and Yuan dynasties. It is a historical famous city in Central Asia. It has originally been the capital of Chagatai Khanate and famed as " the Paradise in Central Asia" . Around the 16th century, it was destroyed. Now nothing has been remained inside the city. No city wall has been preserved yet. Only mounds stand there and potsherds are scattered here and there. There have been excavated a box without hole, silver coins, stone carvings, silver bowls, porcelain bowls, porcelain dishes from Longquan and Jindezhen Kilns, and Nestrianism tombstones of the Yuan Dynasty, the Western Regions, and the Chagatai Khanate. Now it is listed as a cultural site under autonomous region protection. 
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