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The Rock Paintings in Altay Mountain

Aletay Mountain starts from west Siberia, and crosses Aletay area of Xinjiang in China and Mongolia. It stretches as long as 2 thousand kilometers. The ancient nomadic tribes of two to three thousand years ago left many rock paintings in the high and steep rocks.
The original authors of Aletay rock paintings are Sai people. The following nomadic tribes continued the tradition of Sai people and at last they completed the wonderful master piece. The rock paintings can be divided into two kinds: rock carved paintings and colored paintings.
The contents of the paintings mainly concern with hunting, grazing, dancing and religious activities and the pictures of domestic animals and wild animals. The rock paintings that can be easiest to access is the “Yu Yi Ta Si” group of rock paintings. They situate in Qiemuer Qieke town, which is 25 kilometers from Aletay city in the southwest. One of the rock paintings is 15.6 meters long and 2 meters high.
It is the biggest rock painting in Aletay area. The rock painting shows hunting and the mating of animals. The Queerhai and Duolate paintings, situate in Handenaite Mongolian town which is about 30 kilometers far from Aletay city in the south, show the activities of hunting, warring, dancing, grazing and the pictures of tigers, wolves, dogs, cows, horses, camels and deer.
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