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Nadam Fair

It is a traditional festival of the Mongolian ethnic group: Nadam in Mongolianmeans recreation. The festival held once a" year, lasts for one to several days. It is usually held in July or August when the domestic animals are fiat. On the occasion, archery, horse race, and wrestling" matches are held. There: are also such folk and tourist activities as fairs, ceremonies offering sacrifices to obo, horse looping, horse taming, horse riding, folk songs and dances, wedding ceremonies of various ethnic groups, and fashion shows.

Barbecued Whole Sheep: This is a traditional food of Inner Mongolian. A sheep weighing about 20kilograms is butchered and cleaned with the hair removed but the skin remaining It is then roasted with it's abdomen filled with green onion, ginger, pepper, and salt. The roasted sheep in a crouching position is served in a square wooden plate. The skin is crisp and the moat tender.

BolledMutton: Also a traditional fare in Inder Mdngolia, it is prepared and served in a unique way. Mutton is cut at joints into several pieces with the bones on and put into a pot with water. It is boiled with an intense fire and then a moderate fire. When the color of mutton changes, it is done and served.

Oat Flour: The ground oat is called oat flour. It contains high protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and other trace elements. The flour can be made into various kinds of food, such as cuoyuyu, tuiwuowo, and juantuntun. According to people's tastes and different seasons, different seasonings can be added and mixed with saltpreserved vegetables mutton soup, or fresh vegetable soup. Garlic and hot pepper can also be added.

Mare's Milk Drink: Mare's milk drink is brewed with mare's milk. It contains little alcohol. It is prepared by pouring the milk into a skin bag and hanging the bag in the sun. Stir up the milk several times a day with a special stick so as to make it fermented and sour. When the milk's color becomes limpid and clean, and it tastes sour and hot, it is called the mare's milk drink.

Dairy Tea: A traditional hot drink in Inner Mongolia, it is made of brick tea with fresh milk. When served, a little salt or butter is usually added. It can be drunk with puffed rice or other dairy products. The tea helps make one's stomach warm, quench thirst. Allay hunger, and aid digestion.
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