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Shanghai Magnetically Levitated Train

Known as China’s flagship transportation system, Shanghai Magnetically Levitated Train can be another nice choice for you. Being not only the first Maglev link, but also the only commercially operated one in the world, the flashy Shanghai Magnetically Levitated Train is attracting more and more people from both home and abroad to experience the wonderful trip owing to the highly developed magnetic suspension technology.
    Shanghai Magnetically Levitated Train serves such a great trip running from the Longyang Road station to Pudong International Airport. Before you get on the train you can wait in the gold-pillared waiting-room, then you descend an escalator to the track—or, rather the monorail-style "guide-way", because magnetically levitated trains don't have tracks. Then all you have to do is to sit by a window, gleefully watch scenery flashing past like in a fantastic science-fiction movie, when the train rockets to 300 kilometers per hour in two minutes flat, with a breathtaking whoosh. Then 7 minutes and 20 seconds later, before you wake up from your fantastic time Safari, you will find yourself at the destination of a 30 kilometers trip which is expected to take 1 hour by cars.
    If you are interested in the nice magnetically levitated trains, the following information may be of help to you:
    The operation period is from 7:00am to 9:00pm, at intervals of 15 minutes. And a Single trip ticket valid for the ordinary single trip ticket of the day is 50 yuan each, while a Round trip ticket valid in 7 days will cost you 80 yuan. But you can have a 10-yuan discount for one ticket if you can present an intraday flight ticket. Besides, to propagate magnetic suspension technology, you can also enjoy the privilege to visit the interesting Magnetic Suspension Technology Display Hall for free by the train ticket, which is located just in the Longyang Road station. 
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