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Silk Road & Xinjiang Travel Tips


Best Time to Gansu

The best season for travelling in Gansu is from May to October every year (spring to Autumn). Each season has its cons and pros. In spring, the climate just becomes suitable for travelling, and only a few tourists is in the scenic areas, making it possible to visit multiple-sites during a day. In summer, you will view the most beautiful scenery that the flowers are blooming, grasslands are full of...[Details]


Train To Xinjiang

Train To Xinjiang...[Details]


Xinjiang Tourist Cities & Region

Xinjiang's Topography is unique divided into North Xinjiang & South Xinjiang. There are snow-capped peaks,glaciers,lakes.deserts, as well as scorched and barren stretches of land.The 47 ethnic groups living here have a rich legacy architecture and cultural relic:colorful costumes,traditional songs &dances....[Details]


Gansu History

Gansu is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural coexistence zone with a history of more than 8,000 years, it isone of the places in China that has most splendid early civilization. Gansu has formed a mysterious and unique cultural landscape in Western China, it combines Silk Road culture, Dunhuang culture, Yellow River culture, Fuxi culture, Tibetan Buddhist culture, Islamic culture and Loess culture. G...[Details]


Best Places to Visit in Xinjiang

Best Places to Visit in Xinjiang...[Details]


China Tourism Visa Service Instruction

we can provide the china visa support letter for Europeans,Americas,Australian, German,French,Pakistan,Kazakhstan,and so on...[Details]


Food in Xinjiang

Taste the authentic Xinjiang Cuisine is one of the purpose to Travel to Xinjiang ,there are 47 ethnics live in this region.Different ethnic group has their own culture Because of that, the traveler have multiple food choices in Xinjiang: Nan Bread,Roasted whole lamb,BBQ,Big plate chicken,lamian noodles,Zhuafan Pilaf etc. Xinjiang Travel must be rewarded with those delicious food....[Details]


Jiang Braque Travel reviews

Travel log - Jiang Braque The Majestic Tianshan Mountain shows uncommon gentle in Banjiegou town, Qitai. The blowing wheat field growth with vast grass. Butterflies appear with cattle and sheep, to wander about unhurriedly in Tianshan arms like above, its just in Jiang Braque. Jiang Braque Prairie has the unique natural scenery characteristics National Forest Park in east Tianshan Mountain. In kaz...[Details]


Silk Road & Xinjiang Travel Tips

Silk Road Local Time: The Beijing standard time, which is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (London) and 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (New York), is the standard time used in China. The visitor must know though that in Xin...[Details]


Traditional local Uygur house

TRADITIONAL LOCAL UYGUR HOUSE 2000 years before, the ancient Uygur ended the nomadic life and settled down, the smart Uygur used the local materials such as mud wood to build the house instead of live in tent, this housing structure construction method has been carry on for 2000 years. In nowadays , people still can see Traditional mud house in Xinjiang . The ancient Uygur use the wood pillars as...[Details]

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