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Alashankou Port in Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture

The most detailed information of border port in Xinjiang, what you want to know is following:
Recent years, as the most important passageway in ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang become the focus in people’ s mind once again because of the influence of “Belt and Road”. Xinjiang, not only have majestic scenery, cuisine, folklore with different style, but also have the largest area, the longest border line with a number of bordering countries and land port. Boarding 8 countries, with more than 5600 kilometers of long border line, there are more than a dozen external land ports. It is pity that you don’t have a travel the land port and know about it when you in Xinjiang.
Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture
The most famous port in wind gap in Xinjaing
Alashankou Port (China and Kazakhstan)
Alashankou is the most famous vent of Xinjiang. It has formed a famous big vent because of its unique terrain. On average, the high wind above 8th grade every year are up to 165 days, the instantaneous maximum wind speed is 55 m/s and reaches 17th grade. The Alashankou Port is located in this estuary, 73 kilometers from Bole City, Xinjiang, bordering Almaty of Kazakhstan.
Alashankou is the widest and flattest port in northwestern of China. This port is located in the western section of China, second Eurasian Continental Bridge. It is also a major channel for China's transmission of resources and land safety. Driven by the policy of “Silk Road Economic Belt”, the 60-square-kilometer Golden Triangle Industrial Park has been built here. The state also supports the development of the port and gives it the same preferential policies as the two special economic zones of Kashgar and Horgos.
Alashankou is a year-round open port of China and Kazakhstan. In 27 June, 1990, it was opened to the public by the State Council and became a dual port for railways and highways. In August 1992, under the agreement of Chinese and Kazakh governments, the port was opened to third countries and have the status of international transport, which is an international passenger and cargo port now. In May 2011, the establishment of the Alashankou Comprehensive Bonded Zone was approved. In December 2012, Alashankou City was established. At present, Alashankou is applying to establish a free trade zone.
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