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Karakul Lake

As one of the gorgeous tour destinations in southern of Xinjiang, Kalakuli Lake is located at the foot of Mustag Peak, because of its deep and gloomy water, in Kirgiz language Kalakuli means 'the Black Sea'.

Introduction of Kalakuli Lake:
Kalakuli lake is situated at the foot of the Muztag Iceberg in the eastern Pamir Plateau, and it is one of the top 10 largest meteorite pools in the world and an attractive destination for Xinjiang tourism, the lake is famous for its fanciful landscape and clear waters.

What to visit in Kalakuli Lake?
Kalakuli Lake is a rare plateau lake in the world, the lake is surrounded by glaciers and snow bergs, especially Gongger, Gongger Jiubie Peak and Muztag Peak, which add magical and beautiful colours to the lake. In the calm and tranquil days, you will see the bright silver peaks and green grasslands which is quite worth to visit.

When is the best time to visit?
Every June to October is the best time to travel to Kalakuli Lake, at this time, tourists can not only enjoy the scenery of Pamir Plateau, but also enjoy the fragrance of melons and fruits to name just a few. which is quite suitable for sightseeing and vacation.
In addition, every spring, summer and winter are the best time to go to Kalakuli Lake for photography, the snowy mountains are quite magnificent, with the different light, the autumn grass in the Subashi grassland is bright and golden. Unlike the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Pamir Plateau is vast and magnificent, photographs can also make people feel more mysterious.

Travel strategies:
Travelers can take coach from Kashgar to KaLakuli Lake Reception Station to Kangxiwa (Kirgiz Village) on foot for 6 hours and to another village (Kuzikezi Village) on foot for 5 hours, then to the side of Mt. Mustang - Subashi Village on foot for 6 hours, to the Mustang Glacier - 3 hours on foot - Jiangbulak (the base camp of climbers) - to 204 on foot for 3 hours, and then take a bus back to the scenic area.

The admission fees: 50 RMB/Person.
Opening Time: 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

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