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Karakul Lake

Karakul lake can be reached at the Subash Village,Aktao County,on the 312 State Highway,192 km away from Kashgar city.’Karakul’ means’black lake’ in the Uygur Language,and it is from these dark abyssal waters that it gets its name.Two lakes are linked by a creek and look like two sisters hand in hand.So it was given a nickname’Sister Lake’.The altitude of the lake is about 3600 meters above the sea level and the water is 30 meter deep.From a far distance,the surface of the lake reflects silvery light,but when you approach  to the lake.karakul becomes very quite and solemn.
The shadows of the grand Mustagh Peak,Gonger Peak and Gongerjiubie Peak ar seen in the lake, presenting a special landscape combining land and water.The lake and the peaks reflects the charming and beauty to each other.When it is quite,the blue lake water looks like a huge mirror,when it is cloudy and lighting,the blue water will turn to ebony and become black.And when it is in the time of sunrise everyday,the lake will change in color constantly from bright blue to light yellow and to pink,offering a sense of fairy land.
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