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Xi'an Famen Temple

As one of the essencial tour destinations along the silk road, Famen Temple is located in Famen Town. 10 kilometres north of Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province 110 kilometres east of Xi'an and 90 kilometres west of Baoji. It was founded during the years of Hengling Period in later Eastern Han Dynasty with about over 1, 700 years of history, known as Father of Towers and Temples in Central China.

Introduction of Famen Temple:
Famen Temple is divided into two parts: the Tang Dynasty style old site complex (Famen Temple and Treasure Museum) and the controversial new cultural scenic spot, travelers can buy tickets from the old site or from the Shanmen Square on the west side of the newly built cultural scenic spot to enter the scenic spot.

What to visit in Famen Temple?
As a tourist, if you would like to see all the treasures of Famen Temple, you have to go through the underground palace, Treasure Hall and Heshi Stupa in the cultural scenic area of the old site of Famen Temple, because three "shadow bones" are stored in the palace and the treasures which was unearthed from the Tang Dynasty royal family for Buddha are displayed in the treasure hall. Furthermore, the most precious "Buddha's finger" is placed in the Stupa Tower on the eastern side of the cultural scenic spot. However unfortunately, this new building was nominate as one of the top 10 ugliest buildings in China.
Famen Temple and Treasure Hall are situated in the southwest of the cultural scenic spot. Under the monastery is the palace where the Buddha's finger is found. Nowadays the "shadow bones" can be seen at the palace, and from the palace, you can also wander freely in the monastery, which is quite leisurely. In addition, you can also see some buildings with Tang style, such as bell and drum towers, Daxiong Palace and Fangsheng Pool to name just a few.

Treasures in the Treasure Museum:
You can see a great deal of exquisite cultural relics in the treasure hall (also known as the museum), and everything is amazing. Among them are: Eight Treasure Letters, Twelve-Ring Tin Sticks, Pure Gold Pagoda, White Marble Ling Tent, Secret Colour Ware plus the tea set which was used by the emperor, and so on.

When is the best time to visit Famen Temple?
Every March to May (spring blossoms and pleasant climate), September and October (autumn high, melon and fruit fragrance) are the best time to travel to Xi'an
From March to November is the peak season of tourism in Xi'an every year. Although June to August is also included in this period, however the weather will be very hot during this period and there will be a lot of tourists.
Xian's off-season tourism is from mid-November to March of next year. At this time, the climate of Xi'an is cold and dry, the cold wind penetrate one’s bones, and the temperature is really low, so there are fewer tourists. Although it is not the peak season of tourism, most scenic spots carry out off-season prices. Considering the economic factors, it is a good time to travel to Xi'an. of course, if you would like to enjoy a magnificent scene of the north.

Travel tips of Famen Temple:
1.Tourists can take sightseeing bus to the scenic spots, and the cost of the sightseeing bus is 30 RMB.
2.Every Bodhisattva on Buddha's Avenue has merit boxes in front of it, and all kinds of Buddha statues and lanterns can be worshipped.
3.Travelers are not allowed to photographed or use flash in some scenic area.

The admission ticket:
Peak season: 120 RMB/Per person
Off season: 100 RMB/Per person

Opening Time:
Peak season: 1st March to 30th November ( 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM )
Off season: 1st December to 29th February ( 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM )
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