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The Badanjaran Desert

Badain Jaran Desert is located in the north of Alashan Right Banner of Alashan League, as the saying goes: ‘In boundless desert lonely smokes rise straight; Over endless river the sun sinks round’, and that should be the best description of the desert. it is the third largest desert in China, because of the wind, the sand dunes have presented the miracle of huge waves and towering pagoda. 
What to visit?
Badain Jaran Desert has the world's highest sand mountains, with the magnificent Mingsha area, scattered Lake oases, endless Shahai springs and mysterious desert temples to name just a few. These peculiar and charming landscapes have made it an ideal place for desert exploration, tourism and photography in recent years.
When is the best time to visit?
Every June to October is the best time to travel to Badain Jaran Desert, and the best season for desert hiking is from September to October. Among them, from August to September the annual Cultural Tourism Festival will be held at Badain Jaran Desert, at that time, you will see the various Mongolian traditional sports competitions, such as horse racing, camel racing, sand dune climbing, as well as wonderful motorcycle, Jeep cross-country race, photography, exotic stone exhibition and other interesting activities, which is quite worth to visit.
Fee-based attractions 
Badain Jilin Desert was originally free of charge except for a few scenic spots. However, a growing number of tourists will come here to experience the charm of the desert, some areas here are gradually beginning to charge tourists. At present, the charging attractions are Badan Lake and Badain Jilin Desert Geopark to name just a few.
How to travel to Badain Jaran Desert?
The Badain Jaran Desert is located in the northwest of Inner Mongolia, it is sparsely populated, and it will takes about an hour's drive from Badain Jaran Town (the seat of Alashan Right Banner Government), and the traffic is not convenient. Generally, tourists need to arrive at Lanzhou, Jinchang and other places in Gansu Province, or Alashan Left Banner in Inner Mongolia, and then transfer to Badan Jilin Town or Yabulai Town by coach (chartered car is very convenient), then we set out from the town and start the desert travel. The only way to visit the Badain Jaran Desert is to find a chartered car or a local travel agency. Most of the Chartered cars are in the town of Badain Jaran or the town of Yabri.
More Information about Bardain Jaran Desert
Drivers will take you into the hinterland of the desert and gallop in the vast sand sea. just looking at the scenic area, there are endless sand dunes, that is quite unforgettable. The relative height is more than 200 metres, the cross-country vehicle travels through the sand dunes like a boat wandering in the waves of the sea, which is quite stupendous.
If you have more time, you can visit some important scenic spots in the desert, such as Sumin Jilin Temple (Miaohaizi), Bilutu Sand Mountain (Bilutu Sand Peak, the highest sand peak in the desert, also known as Desert Everest), Badan Lake, etc.
Travel tips of Badain Jaran Desert
1. The climate of Badain Jaran Desert is dry and the temperature is different between day and night is large, tourists are suggest to drink plenty of water, bring some sunscreen products and take some clothes, before entering the desert, it is best to bring some fruits and cucumbers and other vegetables.
2. Badain Jaran Desert is situated at the Mongolian gathering area, travelers should respect local customs and taboos.
3. The signal in the desert is extremely terrible. Tourists have to follow the guide or driver. Do not act on your own, in case of getting lost in the desert.
4. Please take good care of your valuables (such as mobile phones, laptops, cash).
The admission fee: 160 RMB/Person
Opening Time: 8.30 AM to 6.00PM


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