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The Badanjaran Desert

Badain Jaran Desert covers a total area of 49,000 square kilometers; it spans Zhangye City in Gansu Province, as well as the Ningxia Hui and Inner Mongolia autonomous regions. Mountains are formed through sand accumulation, but facing strong winds in the desert, the fine sands are blown away, continually eroding these mountains. Although only about 500 meters higher from the land around, it's enough to merit the title "the third-largest desert in China."
What to visit in Badain Jaran Desert?
Badain Jaran Desert has the world's highest sand mountains, with the magnificent echoing sand area, lake oases, and endless Shahai Spring, to name just a few. These peculiar and charming landscapes have made it became an ideal place for desert exploration.


Do you know there is a popular Pink Lake ( Hong Hai Zi ) in China? What's special about it is not only the rosy color but the fact that it is hidden in a vast Badain Jaran Desert.
Badain Jaran Temple is also known as the "Forbidden City" of Badain Jaran Desert; it is a well-preserved and an essential place for people's meeting and praying in Badain Jaran Desert.
Badain Lake is one of the rare freshwater lakes among the Badain Jaran Desert, it is also called the "Gem Lake" because the landscape of the lake is as pretty as a bright pearl inserted in the desert.

              Opening Hours & Admission Fee

 Opening Hours  All-years
 Admission Fee  CNY 160
 SUV CNY 3000

Weather & Climate of Badain Jaran Desert

Badain Jaran Desert has a temperate continental desert climate with a dry climate and sparse precipitation. The yearly rainfall is 50-60 mm, and the annual average temperature is 7-8°C. The best season for desert tourism is from June to October every year, and the best season for hiking desert adventure is from September to October. Every year in August and September is the Badain Jaran Desert Cultural Tourism Festival. There are traditional Mongolian sports competitions such as horse racing, and camel racing, as well as exciting motorcycles, jeep off-road competitions, photography, and stone exhibition.

                 Annual Temperature of the Year/℃ ( High-Low )

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr May Jun.
-2/-15 -2/-10 15/-2 15/1 25/19 28/14
Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
31/17 30/15 22/5 15/0 6/-10 3/-16

How to Get to Badain Jaran Desert:

Badain Jaran Desert is sparsely populated, tourists have to arrive at Lanzhou, Jinchang and other places in Gansu, and then drive to Badain Jaran and Yabulai towns in Alxa Right Banner, and then take SUV to the desert. 
Self-driving route: Alxa Right Banner-Desert Entrance - Bada Lake - Shuanghaizi - Zaratu-Fairy Peak - Xiaohaizi - Yinderitu - Qinghaizi - Yinderitu - Miaohaizi - Nortu - Wutongtu - Baori Tolgoi Mingsha Mountain - Desert Entrance-Alxa Right Banner.


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