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The Hailuogou Glacier

As one of the fantastic places along the silk road, it is the best travel destinations where you can enjoy the thermal spring and visit the glaciers.

Introduction of the Hailuogou Glaciers:
The Hailuogou Glacier maintains several records: it is one of the few glaciers in the world with the steepest fall. It has the most magnificent ice fall in China and boasts the lowest altitude for the glacier edge among all glaciers at the same latitude in the world. It is also the most avalanche-prone glacier in China, as well as the closest glacier to a Chinese city. What’s more important, it also ranks among the most beautiful glaciers in the country.

What to visit?
There are two main purposes of the Hailuogou Valley tour: enjoy hot springs and visit the glaciers. Hot springs are mainly concentrated in Camp No. 2 where there are many pools. If you would like to look at the glacier, you must go camp 3.

The Grand Ice Fall Glacier:
Hailuogou is located in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze in west Sichuan Province, where more than 70 glaciers in Hailuogou can be found, the most famous of which is the “No. 1 Glacier,” popularly known as “Grand Ice Fall.”
The Grand Ice Fall glacier originates from the eastern highest peak of Gongga Mountain, a famous snowy mountain in Sichuan Province. Along the steep mountain valley, it flows rapidly to an altitude of 3,720 meters, with a drastic vertical fall of 1,080 meters, ranking second in the world only after the fall in Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Canada, which boasts a fall of 1,100 meters. Due to the huge and steep slope, the Grand Ice Fall lacier looks like a silver ice river pouring down from the heavens, which is truly a magnificent sight. The Grand Ice Fall glacier curves at its end and resembles a trumpet shell (or hailuo in Chinese), thus earning the place its current name, Hailuogou.

Other glaciers in Hailuogou:
The other glaciers in Hailuogou are also special, as they all originate from the tall, snowy mountains and stretch to places with low altitudes. Some of the glaciers reach altitudes as low as 2,800 meters and even intrude into the forest zone. The combination of dark virgin forests and white, glittering glaciers forms an amazing landscape.

When is the best time to visit?
Every November to April is the best season to travel to Hailuogou, actually, most tourists come to Hailuogou for its snowy mountain beauty, When you visiting the scenic area, you will definitely be attracted by it snow-white glaciers in the distance.
Situated at a low latitude, the glaciers in Hailuogou move rapidly and are “active.” In spring and summer, several hundred glacier avalanches occur in Hailuogou in a single day. When a glacier avalanche occurs, an enormous ice block of more than one million cubic meters collapses suddenly, causing an immense impact that shatters the ice into millions of pieces, as well as thunderously resonating in the mountain valley. The snow fog rising from the avalanche can darken the sky in seconds.

Travel tips:
1.The temperature of the scenic area is different between day and night, so travelers are suggested to carry some warm clothes plus sunscreen products
2.It is quite important to be prepared when up in the mountainous areas, be sure to bring plenty of food and drinks.
3.The altitude of the scenic spot is high, and some tourists may have an altitude reaction, therefore visitors are suggested to prepare some medicines and a small oxygen cylinder.

The admission fees: 90 RMB/Person

The sightseeing bus ticket: 70 RMB/Person ( Round Trip )

The ropeway ticket: 150 RMB/Person ( Round Trip )

Opening time:
Peak season:
1st May to 31st October ( 7.00 AM to 2.00 PM )
Off-season: 1st November to 30th April ( 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM )

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