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Hemu Village

For the vast majority of people, the natural scenery of northern Xinjiang,such as Kanas have deeply rooted among the people.
Introduction of Hemu scenic area
As the most attractive and primitive village in Kanas. Hemu Village is known as "the first village in China". It is a exquisite and unique wooden house village with small bridge and flowing water, snow peaks, forests, grasslands, blue sky and white clouds, which is quite magnificent.
What to visit in Hemu Village scenic area?
Hemu is the paradise of photographer, the scenic Area is located in Burqin County, Altay District, about 30 kilometres east of Kanas Lake. It is a small village inhabited by Kazakhs and Tuwa people. Generally, tourists will visit Hemu Village and Kanas Lake Scenic Area together when they visit North Xinjiang.
All the houses in Hemu Village are simple wooden huts,and it scattered in the valley between the mountains, the local ethnic minority compatriots are working in the courtyard, which is unsophisticated and peaceful, the village is surrounded by grasslands, birch forests and other beautiful scenery.
When is the best time to visit Hemu scenic area?
It is an important question that pops up in the mind of every tourists who are planning the Xinjiang travel in the future.
Every June to October are the best time to visit the Hemu village, among them, from June to July, the grasslands are covered with a large number of beautiful wildflowers.
From September to the beginning of October is the best time to take pictures, just like a fairy tales, because at that time you will see the golden birch trees on both sides of the village. Furthermore, on the top of the mountain, you can also enjoy the snow-covered landscape and that is quite worth to visit.
The area & other tour information of Hemu scenic area:
The area of Hemu Village is not large, the main road in the village is about two or three kilometres long. The viewing platform is situated on the hillside opposite the Hemu River and can be reached within about an hour from the village, tourist can take a panoramic view of the village on the viewing platform, which is a wonderful place for photography. In order to enjoy the beautiful night view of Hemu village, many tourists will choose to stay in the village for one night and leave the next day.
Hiking Route:
In recent years, hiking into Hemu Village is very popular, and there are two mountain roads that can be hiked, one is from Jiadengyu and the other is from Kanas Lake. when you travel to Kanas, you many walkers on the road, they just need to follow the team, and there is no need to ask for a guide. However, these two routes are quite proper for backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts and young people to come. Hiking routes are accessible from May to October. In winter, there will be a lot of snow in the Scenic area, which is not suitable for hiking.
Route 1. The hiking route from Jiadengyu to Hemu is about 30 kilometres and it will takes about 10 hours to walk along the Hemu River. When you walking on the alone the road, you will see the many magnificent scenery such as grasslands, forests and hills to name just a few.
Route 2. The hiking route from Kanas Lake to Hemu is about 40 kilometers, which takes about two days. Along the travel route, you will see the diverse and spectacular landscapes such as meadows, swamps, lakes, forests, mountains and rivers and so on.
There are many restaurants on the roadside of Hemu Village, however, the price here is quite expensive. The average breakfast price is about 15 RMB, and the average dinner price is about 60 RMB.
Traffic information:
The private cars are not allowed to enter the scenic area, tourists can take sightseeing bus at Jiadengyu to the scenic area. ( Departure time: 7.00 AM, 10.00 AM )
Travel tips of Hemu:
1. Xinjiang has a dry climate and strong ultraviolet radiation, travelers should bring some sunscreen products and moisture cream.
2. The temperature difference between day and night in Hemu scenic area, so tourists are suggested to bring some warm clothes.
3. The weather in mountainous areas changes rapidly, tourists are suggested to bring rain gear and sunscreen products.
4. Most of the local residents are believe in Islam, tourists should respect their beliefs
The admission fees of Hemu scenic area:
Peak season: 50 RMB/Person
Off season: 25 RMB/Person
Opening Time:
1st January to 15th October ( 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM )
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