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Silk Road Private Tour

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Silk Road Private Tour is very popular in recent years for the numerous historical sites, fantastic landscape, diverse culture, and exciting stories of the adventurers.

We have arranged 10000+ travelers to this legendary route since 2005. There are many packages published on our website, and we have frequent questions about the private tour from our clients:


How many persons can take the Private Silk Road tour? Can I take the private tour if I am traveling alone?

It is lovely that you are interested in the silk road holiday, no matter how many people in your group, we are so honored to arrange the tour for you. All the packages on our website can be the private tour or tailor-made according to your requirements. As the best Silk Road Travel agency in China, it is very reasonable from our experience that the inquiry starts from 2persons and finally there are more than ten persons or even 20 persons on your private tour. Then our very best price and professional arrangements when you share the cost and program to your friends. And of course, the price will be lower if your friends join your tour. For the small group private tour below 6perosns, we usually exclude the food (lunches and dinners) in the packages. Of course, the breakfast included throughout the itinerary. And if your private tour over 6persons. We mostly include lunches and dinners, while our meals always arranged in the local restaurant, never in the tourism restaurant. We promise you the excellent quality of the food, and most dinners can be selected on your own. We never arrange standard meals. If you are a single traveler and keen on the private tour, we are delighted to make the elegant arrangements for you based on your requirements. We aim to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious local food.

Jiayuguan Pass   Ancient City Wall   Chaka Lake

How to arrange the Lunches and dinner when you are traveling if not included in the package?

It is straightforward to arrange with the help of our guides, and lunches can be arranged in the excellent local restaurants with a reasonable budget of about 8-15usd/pp. Dinner also can be arranged in the restaurant or hotels. Our guides are very professional in sharing you with the most suitable restaurant based on your requirements and preferences. Besides, we also give you the lists of the restaurants we suggested when we send you the travel tips before your arrival for your reference.


Customize your Silk Road Travel

Private customized Silk Road Tour from Xinjiang China Travel means a top-level private service, some "privilege," but this "privilege" can let you understand the deep meaning of Tourism. Luxury is not tourism itself, but a perfect way of life, so that your friends or families have a great time and long-term memory. Most of our private tours used comfortable 4star hotels at a very affordable price. And our service always super 5star no matter budget tour or luxurious 5star tour. 


About the author - Ali

I have been working as an english guide for ten years,I feel so great whenever I see my clients have smiling face .Your satisfaction is my goal.It is my honor to be your guide. All of my visitors are welcomed . With our trip, you will be invited to taste sweet grapes, melons and plums,dry fruits , drink tea, and join the lively dancing. Grapes and Hami melon are well known in the market for their sweet and juicy taste and loved by both the domestic and overseas customers.

Customize Your Silk Road Trip with Xinjiang China Travel

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            8 Days from Lanzhou to Urumqi                                    9 Days from Lanzhou to Dunhuang

Buddhism Silk Road Buddhism Culture Exploration             culture diversity Culture Diversity of the Silk Road Tour
           13 Days from Urumqi to Xi'an                                         20 Days from Beijing to Kashgar     

Sunday Bazaar Silk Road Luxurious Tour                                  Qinghai Lake Silk Road Travel to Qinghai-Gansu and Xinjiang        
            11 Days from Kashgar to Xi'an                                      12 Days from Urumqi to Xi'an


Xinjiang China Travel is specialiesed in organizing the Classic Ancient Silk Road Tour,and we are the professional Xinjiang Tour experts.We arrange both large and small group tours and specialize in vacation planning. We pride ourselves in helping people plan the vacation adventure that is right for them. Even only one person coming, we also can provide personalized service for you. With many years of experiencebehind us,we always offer the best value,most comfort and flexible tour for you,you will never feel rush and tired.
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