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Wooden Pagoda Temple

The Wooden Pagoda Temple is considered as one of Zhangye’s “Five Elements” Pagodas. (The five elements include metal, wood, water, fire and earth in the ancient Chinese philosophy.)
    This temple is situated in the south street of Zhangye County Government in Zhangye, Gansu Province.
    It’s a 9-story building and 32.8 meters tall. The body is made of wood with pavilion-styled eaves. There’s a unique octagon structure in each tier and 8 dragonhead woodcarvings in each angle. Entering the temple, you will find that each floor owns cloisters, doors and lintels. There’s a feature distinct from other pagodas: you can find no nail or rivet in the whole building. At the rear of the pagoda, there’s a 2-story building named Scripture Pavilion which is 27.4 meters. Mounting to the top, you can have an overall view of the surrounding cities. At present, Zhangye Folk Customs Museum stands in the Wooden Pagoda Temple making it a much more complete building complex. 
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