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Red Hill Park

As one of the Xinjiang travel destinations in Urumqi, here, you can not only walk among the forests and boat on the lake,but also visit the statues of Buddhist temples and other cultural buildings in the park.

Brief Introduction & Area of the Red Hill Park
Red Hill Park is located in City Centre of Urumqi, in this park tourists can experience various recreational projects and climb to the top of the hill, which is worth to visit.
There is a red hill in the park, with an altitude about 900 metres above sea level, but the difference between the park and the downhill is only about 100 metres. there are many trees on both side of the mountain road and the environment is very good, it takes about half an hour to climb the mountain.

What to see in Red Hill Park
There are several entrances to the east of the park, and it is slightly difficult to find, you need to go around the east side or enter westward from the North alley of Hongshan Road and Xinmin West Street. The main attractions are the Red Hill Pagoda, the Great Buddha Temple and the Overlooking Tower to name just a few.
The Red Hill Pagoda is situated on the top of the Red Hill, It is very special because it have the same colour with the red mountain body below. At Red Hill Pagoda, you can take a panoramic view of Urumqi, which is quite magnificent.
As one of the special buildings in Urumqi, the Great Buddha Temple is situated in the north of the park. It is an antique temple, which can be used for visitors to worship Buddha and pray for blessings, which is worth to visit.

The recreation facilities & Price
In addition to several main scenic spots, there are also boating and rowing in the South Lake of the foothills. Generally, the boat costs about 30 RMB per half hour, and the collision boat project costs about 20 RMB per person every 10 minutes, and on the hillside of the park, you can play with bumper cars, merry-go-round horses, Ferris wheels and other entertainment equipments, the price is about 10-20 RMB per item. Although there are not many recreation facilities, however it is also a good place for children to relax and have fun.

How to get there?
Passengers can take a bus and then get off at Hongshan western Road Station.

Opening Time:
Summer: 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Winter: 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM
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