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Han Great Wall

As one of the best defensive systems in ancient times, although it is not as magnificent as the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing, however, Han Great Wall is the most complete section of the Danggu Tunnel on the west side of Yumen Pass.
Brief Introduction of Han Great Wall
At the northern end of Dunhuang, there are branches of the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty, such as Yumenguan to Yangguan, Yangguan to Danghekou. After more than 2,000 years of wind, rain and sand damage, some of the Great Wall was razed to the ground, and most of the Great Wall was preserved. Among them, the Great Wall of Danggu Tunnel, located on the west side of Yumenguan was well preserved. Its base is 3 metres wide, its residual height is 3 metres, and its top width is 1 metre, it is the most complete section of the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty.
The Structure of Han Great Wall & Why is worth to visit?
Great wall of Han Dynasty in Dunhuang made full use of the local advantages and geographical location for material. Fortress walls were built by hamming at some places, while moats were dug at other places. Some legs are pure natural screen, while others are simple beacon towers and fence-like defense works. Through huge ups and downs of 2, 000-year weathering, sand covering and man-made damage, such great walls have completely changed their appearance. Some have been flattened with on sign of existence or just low bank of earth and ditches, so the past charm has; disappeared. Only the beacon towers at their ruins are telling people of the trend and history of the Han fortress. Despite the historical regret of advancing sand and retreating human beings, we have more tourist attractions today as clues preserved for mourning the history.
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