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Guozigou(Apple Gorge)

As one of the attractive natural gateway along the silk road, it is the best place where you can not only enjoy the natural landscape but also see the variety of remarkable rocks.

Introduction of Guozi Gou Valley:
The apple Gorge(Guozigou) also known as Talqi Valley, it is a well-known Canyon passageway that north goes to the Sayram Lake and south to the Yili Valley. In ancient times, it was the significant passage of the new North Silk road leading to Central Asia and Europe, and it was called "Iron Gate". Meanwhile, it was also praised as "the first scenery of Yili" and "the Fantastic Wonderland".

What to visit in Guozi Gou?
Guozigou is 28 kilometres long and it has a dangerous terrain, but it is an important section of the Wu-Yi Highway during the reign of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. Although the Guozi Gou is no longer famous for its fruit trees, however, tourists can still enjoy the beautiful views, such as river valleys, rocks, peaks, birches, mountains and flowers, waterfalls and springs, which is quite worth to visit.
Apple Gorge is full of wild apples, apricots, and walnuts, which is the name of Fruit Valley. In the dense forest, there are many wild animals and birds, such as rabbits, foxes, wolves, bears, wild boars, red deer and so on, which formed a natural wildlife zoo.
When you traveling along the highway through the gorge, you will be attracted by dark green forest and light green apple trees. The cool and fresh air make them delighted, two or three Kazakh herdsmen’s yurts are doted in the forest with a light cooking smoke floating in the air, make a paradise view.

When is the best time to visit?
Every Spring, Summer, and Autumn are the best time to travel to Gouzigou, In which I have to say that the scenery of Guozigou is quite magnificent, especially at the late spring and early autumn. Mountains and river valley take different colours under the sunshine, pink and white apple flowers make the valley like a fairyland in spring, golden leaves make the valley to gold. Winter makes the valley like a shining crystal.

Other Information about Guozigou:
Apple Gorge was the significant passage of the new North Silk road, It is said when Genghis Khan was conquering westward, he ordered Chaghtai, his second son to open the way for the army, and 48 bridges were built. It made a contribution to the success of the military action of Genghis Khan.
Now there is a highway of 28 kilometres long winding its way through the valley.

How to get there?
Driving along the Urumqi to Yili Highway you will pass through Guozigou. If you travel from east to west, you will first pass through the famous Sayram Lake, and then through a mountain tunnels several kilometres long, you will reach Guozigo.

Travel tips:
1.Tourists have to respect local customs and religions.
2.The temperature difference between day and night in the Sayram Lake Scenic Area, so tourists are suggested to take more clothes.
3.Rain gears and sunscreen products should be prepared

The admission fees: Free of Charge.

Opening Time:
The scenic area is open all day.

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