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Jiaohe Ruins

Location:In the Yarnaiz Gully,about 13km west of the city.
   Jiaohe is the oldest name of Turpan.The ruins were located on an island between two dry riverbeds.the two riverbeds separated in the north of the island and converged in the south.The island is about 1600 meters long and over 300 meter at its widest point.A 30-meter-high cliff stands by water and the steep and ragged precipice serves as a natural screen for the city.A100-meter-wide riverbed surround the foot of thecliff.the origin of the name was recorded in north History:The Western Region as Jiaohe comes from the water of the city separates at the foot of the city.The ruins were situated on the Yar Lake,thus it is also called the “Ancient City on Yar Lake” or ”the Yar City”.
   Built 100 years earlier than Gaochang,jiaohe city was originally the capital of the Cheshi Kingdom in ancient times.Later,it became the capital of the Gaochang Kingdom,and the Tang Dynasty established Xizhou Jiaohe County that had been the site of the Anxi government.The city was destroyed in a war ,which has lasted for 40 years at the end of the 13th century.Now that you see is the ruins of the city.However,the city gates,the streets,the official buildings,the temples,the workshops and the residencies are basically well preserved duo to the aridity in Turpan.
   A 350-meter-long north-south street runs through the ancient city.There are two city gates,the south gates and the north gates.According to the investigations,the densely built northeast is believed to be residencies,the sparsely-built est part was the administrative area.In the north was a temple which occupies an ares of 5000sq km,and the wast and south were workshops.In 1961,the State Council designated the Jiaohe Ruins a cultural relic under state protection.
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