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Jiaohe Ruins

As one of the well-known tour destinations in Xinjiang, Jiaohe Ruins is located about 10 kilometres west of Turpan, it was founded between 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD. Actually it was very prosperous state during the Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Tang Dynasty. Later, due to years of war, the ancient city became a ruins. At present, this ancient city is one of the most well-preserved urban relics in China for more than two thousand years, and when you visit the Jiaohe Ruins you can not only enjoy the culture of western regions, but also experience the vicissitudes of history, which is quite worth visit.

The building structure or style of Jiaohe Ruins:
The existing Ruins of Jiaohe City preserves the scale during its summit largely during Tang Dynasty. Northwest of the terrace is an ancient grave before Tang Dynasty, which has been almost completely robbed and damaged and these buildings was concentrated within a scope nearly 1,000 metres southeast of the terrace. A gate was built on both east and south walls. Besides absence of walls, the building style has another significant feature, i.e. most buildings including wide streets were cut out from the primary earth. Cave dwellings were also directly cut from the primary earth. Most of the single-storey houses were composed of four walls left during cutting the primary earths and supported by wood.

What to visit in Jiaohe Ruins?
Jiaohe Ruins has a large area, which can be divided into monasteries, residential buildings, and government offices to name just a few. Futhermore, the buildings in ancient cities are rammed with loess, which is very distinctive. Nowadays such magnificent ruins of loess have a sense of historical vicissitudes, and that is quite suitable for photography.
In addition, there is no specific route for visiting Jiaohe Ruins, travelers can walking around the scenic area for viewing and shooting. Generally, it will takes about 2 hours to visit.

When is the best time to travel to Jiaohe Ruins?
Every March to September are the best time to travel to Turpan. However, from June to July is the hottest time in Turpan, the temperature will be above 40 degrees. In addition, the Turpan Grape Festival will be held in August, at that time, tourists can taste the grapes and enjoy the various of traditional Uighur activities and performances, such as Dawazi performance, Mukam folk songs and dances and so on. In September, the weather is moderately cool, during that time, the pleasant smell of fruit is spreading everywhere, which is quite worth to visit.

Other travel information of Jiaohe Ruins:
The layout of the ancient city is roughly divided into three parts, at the north end of the main road, you will see a large-scale monastery and the magnificent towers on the north of the city, which may be the pagodas for the burial or worship in ancient times. Continue to visit, you will see the magnificent underground buildings in the southeast, with an 11 square metre patio on the top, according to the investigations, it is presumed that the residence of Anxi Frontier Command may be followed by the official Yamen of Tianshan County.
In addition, there are many handicraft workshops in the west. On both sides of the main road are thick terraces, behind which are "fangs" divided by crisscrossing short lanes. The residential sites and handicraft workshops such as textiles, wine-making and shoemaking. By the way, in the east side of the ancient city, there were once military barracks, leaving behind ancient houses with various functions.

Travel tips of Jiaohe Ruins:
1.Every sunset is the most appropriate time to visit Jiaohe Ruins, at this time, the walls are yellowish and reddish, which is the perfect time for photography.

How to get there?
Travelers can take bus No. 1 or No. 101 to the terminal at Xincheng Road, Turpan, or take a taxi (about 20 yuan) to Jiaohe Ruins.

The admission ticket: 70 RMB/Person

Opening Time: 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM
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