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The Astana Tombs

As one of the famous Xinjiang tour destinations along the silk road, it is a best place, where you can see the exquisite murals and historical Tombs.

Introduction of Astana Tomb :
Astana Tombs Group is located in the south of Flame Mountain, about 2 kilometers north of Gaochang Old Town. You will see some uplifted mounds on the ground, on this vast land and the ancient tombs are buried under the mounds. In Uighur, Astana means "capital", because, at that period the capital of Gaochang State is not far from here.
The Astana tomb is a cavern tomb with sloping tomb passages, the plane-form of the ancient tomb is like the Chinese word "Jia". In front of the tomb, there is a 10 metres long ramp grave way, which is connected with the coffin chamber, and it is the place where the deceased rest.

What to visit in Astana Tomb:
The tomb is generally over 2 metres high, 4 metres square in size and the top of the tomb is flat or domed. Just like a film " Tomb Raider ", most of the deceased were laid on the pit or simple wooden bed at the back of the cave, with cockcrow pillows on their heads, covered face, and dressed in cotton, silk and brocade clothes. Around the deceased, there are simulated pavilions, chariots and horses, piano, chess, pen and ink, fruits, dumplings, pastries and other food for the deceased to enjoy. Some tombs are painted with figures, birds, flowers, landscape frescoes and other images, which is quite exquisite.

Unearthed cultural relics:
The cultural relics which was unearthed in the tomb include documents, epitaphs, paintings, clay figurines, pottery, wood, gold, stone and thousands of precious cultural relics such as coins, silk, cotton and wool fabrics. Meanwhile, the mummies unearthed here are comparable to Egyptian mummies.

Other information of Astana Tomb:
The Han people were mainly buried in Astana's ancient tombs, while some minority inhabitants such as Jushi, Turkic, Huns, Gaoche, Zhaowu and other ethnic minorities are also buried in this tomb. Thus it can be seen that although the main ethnic group of Gaochang State was Han nationality at that time, but all ethnic groups were equal.

Travel Tips of Astana Tomb:
1.You are not allowed to bring camera when you visiting the ancient tomb of Astana, but you can deposit them at the ticket office.
2.Please do not touch the murals while visiting the coffin chamber.
3.Consider for your safety, please do not visit the unopened area.

The admission fees: 40 RMB/Person

Opening Time:
Peak season: 21st April to 20th October ( 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM )
Off season: 21st October to 20th April ( 10.00 AM to 6.30 PM )

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