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The Astana Tombs

Location:Situated 40km southeast of Turpan,between the Astana Village and the Karahoja Village,3km north of the Ruins of Gaochang.
   As it is the quite near to Gaochang City,the village is called “Astana”.Covering an area 10aq km,the Astana tombs is the burial ground for the local aristocrats,officials and ordinary people who lived in the Gaochang Kingdom from the early Western Jin Dynasty to the mid Tang Dynasty.The dead people were buried in different sections according to their families.The corpses were generally laid on reed mats with only a few put in the coffins.Owing to the aridity,most of the corpses were dried naturally and remained intact.Among the 500-old tombs,three are open to visitors today with one buried with a couple.A grave consists of a slope passage and a cave like-room,taking a plane figure.The ground is covered with gravel.Although looted many times,some of the tombs still preserve precious relic,such as silks,mural,pottery,wooden carving,coins,epitaphs,wooden and earth figurines,and more than 2700 copies of documents.There find have been fundamental references of the “Turpan Study”.
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