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Jiayuguan(Jiayu Pass)

As we all know, "There are Shanhai Pass in the East and Jiayuguan Pass in the west of China". In Jiayuguan Pass you can experience the vicissitudes of history of the first pass in the world.
The Introduction of Jiayuguan Pass
Speaking of the Great Wall people may think of the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing, Jiayuguan City is located 5 kilometres west of Jiayuguan City, which is the western section of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. Guancheng, built in the Ming Dynasty, is the most spectacular Guancheng along the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. Because of the dangerous terrain and magnificent architecture, it is known as "the first grand pass in the world".
Jiayuguan Pass is a huge building, the grate tower has many stories and hanging cornices, grand and magnificent. On both wings of the pass winds forward the solid great wall with many beacon tower towers reasonably set as a tightly guarded military defense system. As a key building, the pass is designed with tasteful style, it includes inner city, barbican, outer city, tower and auxiliary buildings with multi-layer walls and tight guards, which is east to guard but not to attack. The inner city is 9 metres high and 640 metres in circumstance covering 2, 500 square meters, the city wall is built by hammed loess and adobe.
brick and shaped like a trapezoid wide in the west and narrow in the east. On top of both sides of the wall are built 1.7-metre-high brick buttress with crenels on the external wall, like bunkers. Once can see magnificent crisscrossing high walls and forest-like battlements in a distance and colourfully painted lintels and beams with bright colors and delicate craftsmanship with a close look It is described as ‘jade-like tower built by fish-scale tiles and Polished bricks and decorated by all colours.’ Jiayuguan Pass has been listed as a National Key Cultural Relic Protection Unit and in the World Cultural Heritages.
Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall Museum
Let's continue to visie, you will see the Jiayuguan Great Wall Museum, which is the first museum in China with a special theme of the Great Wall's history and culture. The Museum is equipped with advanced equipment, showing the history, culture, cultural relics and scenery of the Great Wall of Jiayuguan.
JiuYan Spring Lake
Then we are going to reach the westernmost core area. Before entering Jiayuguan Guancheng, we could visit Jiuyanquan Lake on the left. "JiuYan Spring Lake" is a good place in ancient times to raise horses and Border prevention, which is one of the most beautiful views in Jiayuguan.
Jiayuguan Guancheng
Finally, we will visit Jiayuguan Guancheng, which is divided into inner city and outer city. There are three main towers. On the wall, there are arrow tower, enemy tower, watch tower, attic, gate tower, guerrilla general mansion and other historical buildings,which are worth visit.
Whats more:
In addition,there are many entertainment items to choose, including horse riding, camel riding, sand sports car and glider to name just a few.
Jiayuguan Pass Travel Tips
1. Jiayuguan tickets include The Great Wall pier and the Cantilever Wall. There are no interval buses in the three scenic areas and Tourists need to be chartered by themselves.
2. Every sunset to shoot, because at this time you can capture the magnificence of Jiayu Pass City.
Ticket price of scenic area:
Peak season: 120 RMB
Off season: 100 RMB
Opening Time:
Peak season: 8.30 AM to 8.00 PM (1ST May to 31st October)
Off season: 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM ( 1st November to 30th April)
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