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The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

Location:About 50km northeast of the city,in the Mutun Gully of the Flaming Mountain.
   “Bezeklik”means “a place with beautiful decoration”. It is believed that the caves were first built during the 6th century’s Gaochang Kingdom.It reached its golden area on the Gaochang Huihe period and served as the royal temple of the Huihe King.Many caves ave been rebuilt and renovated.Nowadays there are 77 remaining caves; among them 40 preserved murals totaling 1200 square meters. Cave 33 and Cave 37 have the most features.The murals of “Followers Mourning” and “Biqis’s Mourning”.On the North wall of caves37,there is a full-length picture of the buddha in a bright red robe and looking like a person rom the West Region.Other famous mural include the “Happy Dance”in cave 16  and the “Ghost in the Hell”in cave 17.The murals mainly reflect the life and culture of the local people who lived in the Huihe Gaochang Period.Inscription in chinese ,huihe and persian on the pictures are of high historical values.In 1982,the caves were designated a key cultural relic under state protection.
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