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Nanshan Pasture

Nanshan pasture is one of the well-known pastures in Xinjiang, although it is not as magnificent as the Naraty grassland in Ili, but still it is a good place for leisure and entertainment.
Nanshan pasture have the beautiful views such as the desirable snow mountains, blue sky, white clouds, green grass, waterfalls, cows and sheep, which is quite proper to travel.
The best time to visit & What to see
Every May to Mid-October is the best time to travel to Nanshan Pasture, at this time, the brilliant and fragrant little flowers will grow all over the hills , bees and butterflies are flying, oxen and sheep are feeding in the green pasture. Walking on the grassland, you can enjoy Kazakh horse racing, girl chasing and other traditional Kazakh performances, which is a typical Tianshan grassland scenery.
From spring to autumn is the best time to visit, because at this time, there are more than ten different kinds of wild flowers blooming in the scenic spot, it is quite beautiful.
Baiyang Valley(Baiyang Gou)
Baiyang Valley is a famous tourist resort in Nanshan scenic spots, in the scenic area the pine forest, peaks and the stream runs between the mountain and the dale, villas are hidden in the green forest, and the yurts are scattered on the grassland, which is quite fascinating.
The Chrysanthemum Terrace Scenic Area(Juhuatai)
'As I pick chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, my eyes fall leisurely on the Southern Mountain', that is the best description of the Juhuatai in Nanshan Scenic Area. The Chrysanthemum Terrace Scenic Area(Juhuatai) is located in Gangou Township in the southern suburb. The rivers at the bottom of the valley are winding, with dense pines in the north and lush green grass in the south. Especially in summer, the grassland is covered with wild chrysanthemum, and the cattle and sheep on the slope are decorated with bees and butterflies, which is quite spectacular
Ticket Price of Nanshan Pasture: 45 RMB
Opening Time:
9.00 AM to 7.00 PM
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