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Beijing ToursBeijing

The capital of People's Republic of China (PRC), the center of politics, culture, transport, tourism and international communication


The center of high-tech, trade, finance and information,the international center of cultural and economic exchange.


Known as "the Cradle of Chinese Nationality". It is not only the birthplace of Chinese Nationality, but also the important human birthplace and one of the prehistoric culture centers in Asia.


It is renowned tourist city for Mogao Caves,was a hub of middle and eastern Silk Routes in ancient times.

Kashgar ToursKashgar

It was a important center for oriental and occidental cultural exchanges and therefore has displayed a higher degree of civilization since ancient times


The capital of Xinjiang which means "Beautiful pastureland" in Mongolian language as well as the Asian city furthest away from any ocean.


It is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization as well as the cradle of Chinese Nation.


People of the bustling cities may find peace, fresh air and idyllic surroundings on the Qinghai-Tibet highland.


Located north of the Yellow River, has formed a natural defense since ancient time.

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