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Nanshan Mountain Scenic Spots

In the deep of the mountains about 60 kilometers to the south of Urumqi, there are tens deep and remote valleys of big and small. Among them, the Baiyangou Valley, Shuixigou Valley, Gangou valley and Que-er-gou Valley are the most famous ones, and they constitute the scenic spots of great charming in the Nanshan Mountain. Going up against the valleys, one can see steep cliffs, waterfalls, and the valleys are densely covered with woods, grass and flowers. On the emerald green meadow, the Kazak herdsmen are holding recreational and sports activities, such as horse racing, lamb tussling and girl chasing. If you like, you can visit a Kazak yurt and enjoy kumiss, cheese stewed mutton, shish kebab and other foods of folk flavors.
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