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Tongren County, the capital of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is located in the southeast part of Qinghai Province, with an area of 3465km² and the population of 90,000, among which Tibetan ethnic minority covers more than 72 percent of the total population. Besides, Han, Hui and Baoan nationalities are dwelling here. It is 181 kilometers away from xining. Situated in the transitional zone between the Qinghai -Tibetan plateau and Huangtu plateau, Tongren has an average elevation of 2,809 meters above sea level. The Longwu River flows from the south to north through the whole county, thus forming different landscapes of the mountainous area in the westeast and the valley in the center. The climate therefore varies in different part of the county, with an annual average temperature of 5. 20C. The average sunshine of the year is 2413. 1-2634.9 hours. The frost-free period is about 61-150 days. The average precipitation of the year is 425. 7millimeters. The pleasant climate makes it an ideal summer resort. Tongren is the only famous national historical and cultural township of Qinghai Province. In the center of anduo-speaking Tibetan area, Tongren is adjacent to Lapulen Temple of Gansu Province. There are some other ancient Buddhism temples and cultural sites such as Wutun Temple, Nianduhu Temple, Guomari Temple etc, which every year attract the numerous followers and visitors home and abroad for sightseeing.
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