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Jiangbulake Grassland

The grassland of Xinjiang is not only Narati in Ili and Bayinbuluk in Bayangol Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, but the beauty of Jiangbrak grassland is more attractive and unforgettable, especially The scenery of herds of sheep and cows were scattered over the grassland, it will never be forgotten in my life.
In Kazakh Jiangbrak means "the source of holy water". It is located on the south of Qitai County. and it is a beautiful natural scenic spot composed of grasslands, forests and snow mountains which is a good place to enjoy the splendid grassland scenery.
What to visit in Jiangburak Grassland?
In Jiangburak grassland, we are mainly see the beautiful natural scenery, such as grasslands, snow mountains, beautiful wooden trestle road as well as vast fields plus a pastoral landscape, which is quite worth to visit.
When is the best time to visit Jiangburak Grassland?
Every May to August are the best time to travel to Jiangburak. Among them, from May to July, the wild flowers will grow all over the hills , which is a good time to take photos.
In August, the golden wheat and the distant snow mountains shine together, rendering the earth as a golden colour. The white houses, wooden houses, flocks, herds plus the horses and Kazakh boys on horseback in the distance, the wild mushrooms growing in the jungle, all of which can not describe the beauty of Jiangbrake.
In addition, ski resorts will be set up every winter, so it is a good place for winter sports enthusiasts.
Other travel information of Jiangburak Grassland
There was also a magical place in Jiangburak, and it is a strange slope, which looks like an uphill slope, but it is wonderful to pour water upstream instead of downstream as usual.
When you travel to Jiangburak, you can experience the traditional Kazakh life styles and taste roasted whole lamb, drink milk tea, listen to Kazakh herdsmen singing,and you can also carry a small basket to the forest to collect some mushrooms, and sing in the peaceful valley.
Travel tips of Jiangburak Grassland:
1. There are farm stay and yurt for farmers and herdsmen in Jiangbulak Grassland where they can live and have meals, but the prices are more expensive. If you want to stay, we will recommend you to live in the town of Half Gully outside the scenic spot and that is quite economy.
2. Tourists are suggested to bring some food and drinks, before entering the scenic area.
Traffic information:
Public transportation: Tourists can take a coach from Urumqi to Qitai County, and after arriving at Qitai County travelers can take sightseeing buses to the scenic spot.
Self driving line: Starting from Urumqi, and then enter the Turpan-Urumqi Highway, at the Happy Intersection of Dahuangshan Mountain, and drive along the Daqi Highway to the Qitai Toll Station, tourists can reach it according to the scenic spot signs.
The admission ticket: 48 RMB/Person
Opening Time:
Summer: 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Winter: 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM
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