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Three Immortal Buddha Caves

 It is 14km away from Kashgar City and this site is on the road to Torugart Pass at the opposite of the Qakmak River,Takuti Village,Atushi Town.Three caves stand side by side 30m above the river on the cliff.They are three buddha caves in Han Dynasty.It is about 13meters (about 17years) down the bottom of the cliff and about 8 meters(about 10 years)from the cliff top.Each cave is more than 2 meters in height and length separately and 2.7 meters in depth.
There are 3 caves,West Cave,Middle Cave and East Cave.They are 2 meter high and i meter wide with rectangular entranced side by side.Only East Cave retains a sunken panel and most of the murals survive. In the central sunk panel painted a rectangle lotus.On the cave wall painted dozens of lifelike Buddha statues,the figure of the Buddha looks beautiful in design and living in expression.A remaining sitting buddha standing beside it.It has been proved that they are the earliest buddha caves extant in the Western China,which can be dated to the second and third century,and they are also the Buddhist Caves in the extreme West China.
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