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White Horse Temple

As one of the Luoyang Tour destinations along the silk road, where you can not only enjoy the historic treasures, but also see the stele of Zhao Mengfu

Introduction of White Horse Temple:
White Horse Temple was built in Yongping 11 years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 68). It was built by the government when Buddhism was introduced into China. It has always been respected as the "The Cradle of Chinese Buddhism". According to legend, the name of the temple was derived from the allusion of "White Horse Fu Sutra". Although, the temple has been rebuilt for many times after the war. Nowadays, the area of White Horse Temple is not large, and tourists can choose to visit on foot.

What to visit in White Horse Temple:
The Mountain Gate was built in the Ming Dynasty, and the stone carved horses on both sides of the mountain gate are relics of the Song Dynasty. There are five major halls in the temple, which are situated on a central axis. Among them, the main temple building is the main place for religious service.
Continue to visit, you will see the "Treasure of the Town Temple" and the only "statue of dry lacquer in storage" of Yuan Dynasty inside of the Daxiong Hall.
The statues of "Ramie Dry Paint" in the palace are all made of silk and linen, each statue's weighs is between 3 to 5 kilograms. Which is surprised me that the statues have not been repaired since the Yuan Dynasty for more than 700 years, but it still have bright colour.

Preserved historical sites :
More than 40 steles have been preserved in Baima Temple since Tang Dynasty, Meanwhile, The Zuting Ji of Baima Temple in Luojing, written by Zhao Mengfu, a calligrapher of Yuan Dynasty, is one of the most valuable masterpiece of the scenic spot (on the east side of the mountain gate). Furthermore, there are three graveyards which is quite worth to visit: The tombs of two Indian eminent monks, Kasyapa Matanga and Dharmaratna (on both sides of the mountain gate) and The graveyard of Di Renjie ( A prime minister of Tang Dynasty ). But there is also a saying that Xue Huaiyi was buried in the tomb of Di Renjie, because he was once the abbot of White Horse Temple.

Other information of White Horse Temple:
The Qiyun Pagoda is situated in the the southeast of Mountain Gate, the pagoda was founded in the Eastern Han Dynasty and it was rebuilt in the Jin Dynasty. It is the first Buddhist Pagoda in China and one of the few ancient buildings of the Jin Dynasty in the Central Plains.
The "World Buddhist Temple Expo Area" has been built near the Baima Temple, which exhibits the Buddhist temples of India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Japan, Korea and other countries.

When is the best time to visit?
All season are suitable for sightseeing, however, Spring and Autumn are the best season to visit the White Horse Temple and Luoyang.
Summers can be very hot and winters bitingly cold. The Annual Luoyang Peony Festival will be held from 10 to 25 April, which is the best time to see the blooming peonies, and there may be some interesting activities during the festival.

How to get there ?
Tourists can take bus No. 56, 58, 87 or 99 and get off at White Horse Temple Station.

Travel Tips of White Horse Temple:
1.Travelers have to respect the local customs and beliefs.
2.The main gate of White Horse Temple is opposite to the Shenzhou Peony Garden. You'd better do not miss it, if you catch up with the Peony Flower Festival.
3.The opening time of scenic spots will be adjusted during holiday and off-peak seasons.

The admission fees: 50 RMB/Person

Opening Time:
7.30 AM to 7.00 PM

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