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Ancient City of Dalet

Located near the old course of the Bortala River in Pochengzi Village 27 kilometers to the south of the city of Bole, the Ancient City of Dalet originally was the seat of Shuanghe Superintendent Office of the Tang Dynasty. During the Western Liao and Yuan Dynasties, it was an important garrison under the name of "Buci City" on the Silk Road. The extend parts of the city covers an area of 27 ten thousands square meters, being divided into two pans of inner and outer cities. The outer city is rectangle in shape, of which the southern and western city walls remained intact, but the northern and eastern ones have been damaged completely for they are close to the river. The inner city is square in shape, judging from the eastern city wall, it should have a barbican entrance, Its western wall is remained with remains of battlements. Inside the city there are scattered potsherds of the Tang and Song Dynasties, bronze mirrors of the Song and Liao Dynasties, golden bracelets and decorative belts of the Yuan Dynasty, and copper and golden coins of Chagatai. Now it is listed as a major cultural site under the autonomous region protection. 
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