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Kunlun Mountains

In the ancient Chinese book “Shuijingzhu”, Kunlun mountains was recorded as “Aruda Mountain”. Kunlun Mountains, 2500 kilometers long and 150-350 kilometers wide, is from the Pamirs in the west, lies along the borderline between Xinjiang and Tibet and extends into Qinghai and Sichuan. The part of the Mountains in the area of Xinjiang is about 1700 kilometers in length. The average height of the mountains ridegs isabout 5000 meters and it is lower in the eastern part than in the western part. In the western part of Kunlun Mountains west to Pishan County, there are 3 peaks 7000 meters high above the sea-level, and 7 peaks 6000-7000 meters high above the sea level. The part between Pishan County and Qiemo County, called the mid part, is 500 meters lower than that of the western part with 8 peaks 6000 meters high above the sea level. East to Oiemo County area lies the Eastern Kunlun Mountains, the average height of the mountain ridges is 500 meters lower than that of the mid part with 4 peaks 6000 meters high above the sea level. From the middle part of the mountains, flow out Hotan River, Keria River and Niya River.
Kunlun Mountain area is considered as one of the most dry mountain areas in Asia, with scarce vegetation and very few human activities. However in the area 5000 meters above the sea level, there exist large glaciers, which bring life to the mountain area. And the mountains is rich in mineral resources and more than 10 high peaks 6000-7000 meters above the sea level in the mountain ranges attract mountaineers and tourists from other parts of China and abroad.
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