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Nanjing Road

   Known as the first commercial street of China, Nanjing Road starts its territory from the Bund to its east and end to Jing’an Temple to the west. It is a core part of Shanghai's city center with a total length of 5.5 kilometers. Divided by Tibet Road, Nanjing Road turns into two parts-Nanjing East Road and Nanjing West Road
Nanjing East Road & Nanjing West Road
    Nanjing East Road, formerly known as Garden Lane, was changed its original name by Municipal Council in 1865, While Nanjing West Road was previously called as Jing’an Temple Road. In the middle of last century, foreigners set up some foreign banks along Zhongshan East Road and the bund. Bank staff and foreign businessmen came either to work or to do business, or to go for a ride by carriage or Rickshaw, and gradually a road appeared. Thereafter, several foreigners built a race course around Wusheng Temple with plenty of flowers and trees to be planted which seemed just like a beautiful garden. Thus, this road towards the race course was called Garden Lane. In the year 1865, Municipal Council changed the name to Nanjing Road
    The Road was once dominated by Imperialists and the revolution started here as well. After the Opium War in 1840, Shanghai was forced to be a business port while Nanjing Road became a British Concession, later a public concession for all Imperialists. In the 1920s and 1930s, this road was the most active place for revolutionary activities with the famous "Wusa Tragedy" happened here. After the foundation of New China, Nanjing Road became a busy commercial Road, gathering over 600 stores and shopping malls. When the new century starts, more and greater changes have taken place here, as plenty of new and tall buildings sited to make the place more spectacular and splendid.
Nanjing Road Walk Street
    If we start a topic on Nanjing Road, then Nanjing Road Walk Street must be mentioned. With a total length of 1033 meters, this street commenced its career at the end of 1998, from Henan Middle Road to Tibet Middle Road. Two dark red marble screens with several words “Nanjing Road Walk Street" are standing at both east and west ends, which attracts travelers throughout the world.
Three Main Characteristics or Landscape
    The street is distinguished by its famous stores and namable brands. In the early 1900s, four universal department stores- Yongan, Xianshi, Xinxin and Daxin emerged to turn into Shanghai's biggest department stores focusing on selling clothing, food and household facilities. Take Shanghai First Department Store- formally known as Daxin Department Store as an example, it is China's largest department store with the largest customer flows as well as the highest turnover-2billion RMB per year. Of course, many other shops are also very outstanding such as Shanghai Arts and Crafts Company which specializes in the sales of gold and silver jewelry, jade, ivory, mahogany furniture, handicrafts and other traditional arts and crafts; Shanghai Overseas Chinese Store that offers services dedicating to overseas Chinese; And Bao Daxiang Mall etc.
    The hustling throngs are also an attractive landscape of walking street. Since the opening, its prosperity has attracted the crowd, about 10 million passengers each day ,some come from surrounding urban areas, some come from outside the urban area, even all over the country. Among the bustling crowd, you can always find people who are leisurely strolling, or just sitting and resting, shopping with great interest, totally immersed in the hilarious atmosphere of "China's First Street".
    The eye-catching tourist vehicles are another landscape of the walking street. The car consists of a series of small compartments with exquisite paintings on it. The toy-like car will help you start your wonderful and romantic trip. 
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