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Caka Salt Lake

As one of the most spectacular lake along the silk road, here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery reflected in the white salt lake, such as clouds, mountains and rivers, which is quite stupendous.
Why is worth to visit?
Caka means salt lake in Tibetan, the lake is located between Qilian Mountain and Kunlun Mountain. Caka Salt Lake is a salt field for more than 3000 years, the salt content of the lake is very high, so naturally, it will crystallize into a white lake, and it reflects the sky, clouds and mountains on the other side of the lake, which is very beautiful. Visitors can travel to the lake to visit and photograph their reflection, just like a fairyland.
There are many salt sculptures in the scenic spot to watch, and you can take a small train to visit.

When is the best time to visit?
Caka Salt Lake Scenic Area is not big, sunny days is the best time to visit, and it is better to come after sunny days for several consecutive days, because at that time, the lake is very crystalline and you will see a layer of brine covering the white salt lake, if it rains for several days in a row, the salt layer in the lake may be diluted and dissolved, and the mud under the lake will be exposed and the scenery would not be as beautiful as usual.
When you travel to Caka Lake, you have to come to the gate on the north side of the scenic area to buy the ticket. The gate still has a distance from the playground, and you can drive in and start your travel

What to see in the Salt sculpture area?
When you get out of the bus, you will see the sculpture of the Goddess of Salt Lake in the area. Besides, the other sculptures along the corridor, such as Maitreya Buddha and Genghis Khan, which is quite spectacular and lifelike.
Next to the salt sculpture area is a yoghourt shop, about 10 yuan a bowl, you can taste it.

Other travel information about Caka Salt Lake
Walking along the lake, you can see the sky, clouds, mountains,as well as neatly arranged poles and so on, which are all reflected in the lake, quite beautiful. Here, you walk barefoot into the lake and enjoy yourself, however, when you go ashore after playing, you should wash your feet with fresh water immediately, otherwise, your skin will be burned by saline water.
There is a railway in the scenic area extending into the middle of the lake, the starting point is the place where you can take a small train (at extra charge). But if you don't take a small train, it's also very pleasant to walk along the track to the depths of the lake and take pictures or enjoy the beautiful scenery along the lake.
About 5 kilometres north of the Salt Lake Scenic Area in the town of Caka and some restaurants, the price is quite reasonable. After playing, tourists can come here to eat something, and there are few choices of accommodation in Caka Town, so it is suggested to return to the Qinghai Lake area for accommodation.

The Travel Tips of Caka Salt Lake
1. It's better to prepare some wet paper towels before visiting the Caka Salt Lake to prevent damage to the skin.
2. The sunshine here is very strong, and there are reflections on the lake, so tourists need to be prepared the sunscreen product and a pair of sunglasses.
3. The scenic area has no restaurants, so you'd better prepare some drinks and snacks.
4. The altitude of Caka Salt Lake is about 3000 metres. So we should not do the vigorous exercise, in case of the high altitude reaction.

Best time to visit: Every June to October

Ticket Price of Scenic Spots:
Peak season: 60 RMB
Off season: 30 RMB

Opening time:
Peak season: 5.30AM to 10.00PM ( 1st May to 31st October)
Off season: 8.30AM to 6.00PM ( 1st November to 31st December)

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