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Yadan National Geopark

Here you can not only see the Yadan landform with different shapes and spectacular scenery, but also a paradise of photographers, which is quite worth to visit.
Brief introduction & What to see in Yadan landform
Dunhuang Yadan National Geopark, also known as the Devil City of Dunhuang, is an important landscape for tourists to visit the western route of Dunhuang (including Yumen pass, the Great Wall of Han Dynasty, Yangguan, Thousand-Buddha Caves and other scenic spots). The park is dominated by a large area of unique Yadan landform, which is fantastic quite fantastic, especially in the evening there will be a wonderful place to take a picture.
The Golden Lion statue, Pyramid and Peacock statue in the scenic spots are all wind-eroded rocky mountains, their shapes are quite similar to their names, and the West Sea Fleet is a Geomorphological group, this scenery is also the most spectacular of the four scenic spots, a battleship-like earth Mountain parallel distributed on the Gobi, it looks like a real fleet, that is quite unique. meanwhile, there are many special wind-eroded rock masses on both sides of the area where the vehicle does not stop.
The area of the southern line is larger than that of the northern line, and the landscape is more. There are many celebrities'heads and cartoon images, as well as turtles and toads,Two dragons play with a pearl(Er Long Xi Zhu) ,natural arch and so on. Moreover, you can enjoy the magnificent sunset view at the desert landscape.
The Scenic Area & Play Time
The area of Devil City is very large, and it has various landscapes with different shapes in it. There are two areas in the scenic spot, tourists can take the bus to visit the north line and then finish the tour. In addition, the whole journey is about 1.5 to 2 hours, you can also take off-road vehicles to the northern route and then visit the southern route, it will takes about 3-4 hours.
Opening time
The last sightseeing bus is at 5.20PM
Ticket price:
Boom season: 80 RMB
Off season: 25 RMB

Best time to visit
The climate of Dunhuang is very arid continental climate, the average annual temperature is 9.3 degree Celsius, in July, the average temperature is 24.7 degree Celsius, January -9.3 degree Celsius.
In addition, Dunhuang is dry and rainy throughout the year, and the temperature difference between day and night is great. Every May to October is the best time to travel.
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