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Characteristic Blocks

Narrow Lane and Wide Land
there two streets conserve historical style and features well, with one -story quadrangle dwellings from the late Ming Dynasty on both sides
ADD: Walk westward from Tianfu Square, about 20 minutes

Qintai Old Path
relies on the archaized buildings of the Han and Tang Dynasty and the love story of Sima Xiangru (a Chinese essayist and poet in the Western Han Dynasty) and Zhou Wenjun to display the social customs of etiquette, dance, music, and banquet of the Han Dynasty. It is a street of romance

Ancient Jinliu Street spans about 350meters. It is a leisure and entertainment pedestrian street combining folk customs of the Three Kingdoms period, flavors of western Sichuan with Chengdu neighborhood
ADD: beside Wuhouci Temple

is an urban tourist business cultural zone integrating Buddhist culture, tourism, catering, recreation and shopping
ADD: beside the Wenshu Temple.
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