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Muztagh Peak

As one of the splendid travel destinations along the silk road, it is the best place where you can climb mountains and enjoy the natural landscape.

Introduction of Muztagh Peak:
Muztagh Peak
is located on the Pamirs, it is one of the peaks of Kunlun Mountains Ranges, 7719 metres above the sea level. the depth of the ice and snow accumulated on the summit is about 100-200 metres. And there are 16 glacier tongues that go down from the peak, and the longest one, 21 kilometres long, lies on the eastern slope, the elevation of the glacier tongues here is 5300 metres. The glaciers tongues on the western slope, 20 kilometers long have their end of the tongues between 4.000 to 4500 metres. The snowline on the northern slope is 5500 metres long and that on the southern 5800 metres.

What to visit in Muztagh Peak:
In the eastern Mountain area of the Pamirs, there exists a huge area of the glacier, 2200 square kilometres in all and 635 square kilometers only in the Gongger-Muztagh peaks, where the glaciers are as thick as 100 metres and when one looks at them, one would find the whole peaks are capped by the ice. Some of the glaciers here, such as Kekehili Glacier in the eastern slope, Jiangbulak Glacier in the northwestern slope of Muztagh Peak, the Karaya-kara Glacier in the northern slope of Gongger Peak, are 20 kilometers long, and the landscape here is magnificent and astonishing. There are 3 peaks on the Pamirs that are open to mountaineers: the Gongger Peak(7719 metres above sea level), the Gongger Jiubie Peak(7595 metres) and Muztagh-Ata( 7509 metres and it is called " the Father of Ice Mountains ). Every year, they attract thousands of mountaineers and tourists from all over the world.

Gongger Peak and Gongger Jiubei Peak:
Gongger Peak and Gongger Jiubei Peak are far away from Muztagh Peak, with altitudes of 7649 meters and 7530 meters. Gongger Peak is the highest peak in the Kunlun Mountains, and Gongger Jiubei Peak is the second highest peak in the Kunlun Mountains, and the mountains are covered with snow all year round.

Karakul Lake:
Karakul Lake is located at the foot of Muztagh Peak, because of its deep and gloomy water, in Kirgiz language Kalakuli means 'the Black Sea'. The lake is situated at the foot of the Muztag Iceberg in the eastern Pamir Plateau, and it is one of the top 10 largest meteorite pools in the world and an attractive destination for Xinjiang tourism, the lake is famous for its fanciful landscape and clear waters.

When is the best time to visit?
Every Summer and Autumn are the best seasons to travel to Muztagh Peak. Because, during that period, tourists can not only enjoy the scenery of Pamir Plateau but also enjoy the fragrance of melons and fruits to name just a few. which is quite suitable for sightseeing and vacation.
Every July is the best time to climb Muztagh Peak, according to your physical ability, the climbing time is 7-15 days. Mountaineering must be licensed by the Sports Committee and Mountaineering Association of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Mountaineering route:
4400-metre mountain base camp - path gravel slope - 5200-metre ABC (as unloading zone for animal transport to human transport, climbers can also take a rest here) 5560-metre high C1 camp (path ice falls area) 6300-metre high C2 camp 6900-metre high - C3 camp -continue on the snowy slope peak.

Travel tips:
1.Mt. Muztagh is very steep, besides choose the best time, tourists have to make a lot of preparations, such as physical training and so on.
2. Bottles, sunglasses, climbing boots or hiking shoes, sweaters, waterproof trousers are indispensable.
3. You'd better rent an off-road car to the mountains if you would like to climb Glacier 4.

The admission fees: On inquiry

Opening time:
The scenic area is open all day.

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