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Wenmiao Temple (Urumqi Museum)

   Located on the Qianjin Road, Urumqi, the temple was built in the 10th year of the Emperor Guangxu, Qing Dynasty (1884). Today it is listed as one of the historical monuments and cultural relics under municipality protection, because it is a group of large-scale temple buildings of the Qing Dynasty well preserved now. Facing north, the temple is an area of 2800sqm, including main hall, rear hall, wing rooms, bell-drum tower and corridors. All buildings have flying-eaves and bracket system with birds and beasts shapes on the eaves, bearing features of the architecture in the Qing Dynasty. In 1988, the state appropriated a sun for its refit and Urumqi Museum was set up here. The basic exhibits of the museum include a survey of the celebrities of Urumqi, the construction history of Urumqi, stone statues and steles etc.
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