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We boast of the famous product brand in China’s travel industry “China Travel”
Honesty, reliability, confidence, reputation Xinjiang China with its 10 years of travel experience, professional team, and thousands of groups operated, we really do for you tailor-made tour. We are considering to create best value tour beyond the customer needs. Because we believe that every feedback from our customer is precious for us. And we also get more from them.
Our Awards:
The Best 100 International Tourist Companies in China (in the Best 100 since ever 1994)
Top 20 tourist companies in Beijing (since 1994)
One of “20 Reliable Travel Agencies”recommended by Beijing Tourism Bureau (1998)
The Gold Medal Winner on the 22nd Spanish International Travel & Lodging Expo (1997)
“Trust Tour”,our brand name,won the “China Tourism Famous Brand” (2002)
One of the first “Trustworthy Travel Companies”by Beijing Tourism Bureau and Beijing Tourism Industry Association (2005)
Awarded as the advanced group of safe operation in tourist industry (2006)
Awarded as a “Model Company for Quality Service of Beijing” (2007)
One of the first “5A Travel Agencies authorized by Beijing Municipality”
“The Best Advanced Group”,as a winner of the 11st &12nd Capital Tourism Purple Cap (2005-2008)
A leading company with “100 Days of Safe Operation” during Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (2008)
A leading company with “Olympic Games Service and Reception” (2008)
Awarded as “Good Team of Beijing Olympic Games Volunteer” (2008)
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