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Haizang Temple

  Haizang Temple, located 2km northwest of Wuwie city, is the largest complex of ancient buildings in Wuwei. The temple was opened as a park. The well preserved gateways, archways, pavilions and temples of Ming and Qing Dynasties are surrounded by river, lake and age-old trees, which make the park a quiet spot with its spectacular scenery.
    There are South Lake and North Lake in thee Haizang Park, which appears to be long and cranky. Inside the park, straight paths across the fields, vegetables and plants, springs, crystal lakes, swimming fish and flying birds can be seen in every season; it is just like an exuberant natural garden.
    The main building in the temple include: the Temple Gate, Mahavira Hall, Lingjun Terrace, Hall of Heavenly Kings and Hall for Buddha of Boundless Light. All of them are kept in good condition. Now outside the temple a park named Haizang has been opened to visitors. Standing on the Lingjun Terrace and gazing into distance you'll see limpid water shimmering in the lake below. With wild flowers blooming, skyscraping poplars and dangling weeping willows along both banks it presents a heart--pleasing picture, an ideal tourist site combing the cultural relics and the beauty of nature. 
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