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Ancient Tombs of Wusun Tribe

Ancient tombs of Wusun Tribe are distributed over grasslands in Ili, especially in Qapqal, Zhaosu, Nilka, and Tekes, etc, totaling about a ten thousands. These tombs are cultural remains of Wusun tribe that had activated here during the 2nd century B.C. to 4th century A.D. Some of them are arranged in a line with three or five tombs and some in groups consisting of tens or hundreds tombs. The tombs usually have a hillock or stone mound on the ground surface, round, square or trapeziform in shape. According to archaeological excavation, some tomb chambers have a cubage of over 100 cubic meters. From these tombs there have been unearthed valuable cultural relics, such as that of pottery, bronze, iron and gold. 
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