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Yuyuan Garden

  Black tiles and white walls establish a nonchalant and simple keynote . The dainty style makes one feel comfortable, and each exquisite window lattice is telling its own story, serves the record of the past delicate life. Every piece of roof tile is passing a sort of affection of pride and memories.
    The entire Yuyuan Garden is bordered by the Dragon Wall. And as time pass by, the lamella of the Dragon Wall began to chip off. The winding Dragon Wall separates the garden unaffectedly, with 48 scenic spots scattering in every place of the garden.
    When you walk into the garden, the Sansui Hall and Yangshan Hall will appear in front of you one by one, and at the cloister of the hall, you can enjoy the "treasure of the garden"--- the great rockery. This great rockery is made of 2000 tons of Wukang stone, and the idea of the wonderful design of is out of the celebrated rockery artist Zhangnanyang of Ming Dynasty.
    The Spring Hall locating in the northeastern corner witnessed Chinese modern history --- it is the headquarter of the Small Sword Society armed uprising in 1853.
    Various carps swim with fun in the pond, in this circumstance, why not unwind and detoxify yourself with a cup of tea in thick aroma? It’s such a lazy time to linger alongside the ancient corridor, and thoroughly enjoy the aftertaste of the rainy and foggy Jiangnan.
Best Season for travelling in Yuyuan Garden
On Lantern Festival, Shanghai International Tourist Festival (from September to October), is the Garden's liveliest time.
Besides numerous decorated floats, exotic show can be appreciated also on the festival. Moreover, a variety of local snacks are offered. Just choose to lose in this amazing atmosphere and to be an authentic Jiangnan People.
Location: No.132 Anren Street, Huangpu District
Bus Lines: No.11, 126, 926, 66
Open Time: 9:00---17:00
Ticket: 40 RMB
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