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Iron Gate Barrier

Occupying a strategic position at the mouth of a precipitous gorge on the Konqi River in the north of Korla, the barrier was such a point that one must to pass through before coming into the Tarim Basin from the north. According to textual research, it was set up in Jin Dynasty. Because it is situated in a strategic point and difficult to access, the barrier is vividly called “Iron Gate Barrier”. Once it was controlled, the way leading to the south part of Xinjiang was closed down. The gorge where the barrier is located is about 14 kilometers long, and has steep cliffs and deep valley, and is known as “Iron Gate Barrier”, now named Haman Gully. On the cliffs are engraved inscriptions here and there, among them are four words: “The Strategic Mountain and the Dangerous River”, stating clearly the steepness of the barrier. Now it is listed as a major cultural site under the autonomous region protection. 
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