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The Ancient City of Dahe

    Located on the plain area to the southeast of Dongtouqu Village, Dahe Township, Barkol County, it’s the site of a city built by the Chinese troops stationed here to reclaim wasteland during the Jinglong reign of the Tang Dynasty. The city is 240m long from the south to the north, 357m wide from the east to the west, and composed of two cities, namely a main city and a subsidiary city. With its gate facing west, the city has four watchtowers on four corners, and outside the wall there are buttresses and fortified platforms. There unearthed a lot of cultural relics inside the city, including pieces of pottery, stone mills, construction materials, tile-ends with lotus designs and a few coins. It’s the largest site of the Tang Dynasty well preserved in Hami. Now it is listed as a major cultural site under the protection of autonomous region. 
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