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Banpo Museum

As a site 6,000 years ago, it is not only a favorite place for archaeological fans, but also a place where you can experience the pottery art and tomb system of your ancestors.
Introduction of Banpo Museum:
The Banpo Museum in Xi'an was built in 1957 at Banpo Site, a Neolithic Maternal Clan Tribe Site of Yangshao Culture, about 6,000 years ago. The Museum have inhabited long before the glories of the various empires that made Xi'an home, was discovered in 1953. The Museum is the earliest example of the Neolithic Yangshao culture that's renowned for its colorful ceramics that feature etchings that are possibly an early form of writing.
The structure of Banpo Museum:
The site is made up of divided into three separate areas: a residential area, a manufacturing area, and a cemetery. Remaining are 45 houses and buildings, 250 adult graves, 73 children's burial urns, and six pottery kilns. The villagers cultivated various crops, domesticated pigs and dogs, fished in the nearby Wei River and manufactured ceramics.
The site hall is the focus of Museum visits, which will give visitors a sense of time and space through. The Hall shows part of the site's residential area and a pottery kiln and the exhibition hall also uses the modern technology to reproduce the scene of the splendid Banpo culture.
The different burial ways between adults and children:
Some archaeologists have argued that Banpo represents a matriarchal society, though the supporting evidence remains vague. The site has been a treasure trove of artifacts though, with over 8,000 pieces unearthed. Some of the most interesting artifacts are the children burial urns. Children weren't buried with the adults, but placed in urns which were buried close to homes. The lids on the urns have a hole in the top in order for the spirits of the deceased to travel to the afterworld.
What to visit in Banpo Museum:
Xi’an Banpo Museum holds two attractions: the Neolithic Village and theme park-esque Matriarchal Village.
When you visit the showroom on the side of the hall, you will be surprised to find that the Artifacts such as the clay pot which you can saw in textbooks since childhood is displayed here. Moreover, Banpo people's art of pottery making and painting is primitive and simple, especially the initial model of Fuwa in 2008 Olympic Games.

When is the best time to visit?
All seasons are suitable for indoor tourism. Furthermore, Every spring and autumn are the best time to visit, because at that time climate is very warm and comfortable, so it is very suitable for sightseeing.
Traffic information:
1. Tourists can take bus No.105, 406, 913 and get off at Banpo Museum stop.
2. Tourists can take underground and get off at Banpo Stop of Metro Line 1 and walk 300 metres to the west and turn 200 meters to Banpo Road.
3. There are two self-driving routes to choose from: One is to go east along Huancheng South Road to Xianning Road to the south and turn to the north to the north. Another one is to cross the Chaoyangmen to the east via Changle Road to the half-slope cross and turn right to the south. Tourists who are familiar with the route can visit the museum from the East Third Ring Banpo Interchange.
The admission fees:
Peak season: 35 RMB/Person
Off season: 25 RMB/Person
Opening Time:
Peak season: 1st March to 30th November ( 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM )
Off season: 1st December to 28th November ( 9.00 AM to 7.30 PM )

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