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Bosten Lake

57 kilometers north of Korla City and under the jurisdiction of Bohu County, Bosten is the biggest freshwater lake in Xinjiang, covering an area of 960 square kilometers. On the banks of the lake grow luxuriant and dense reeds, and a great variety of fish, such as bighead, bluntsnout bream, crab and shrimp, live in its waters. Bosten Lake is the summer resort of Korla area people, since the temperature here in summer is much lower than that of the urban area. The best sightseeing area of Bosten lake are.
Golden Beach is 23 kilometers to the south of the Heshuo County, edgeless water is shored by soft delicate sand with a 1. 7 degree slope of 2000 meters long and 60 meters wide. It provides a natural swimming pool for the people.
When boating in the lake, one will find snow capped mountain in the north and sand dunes in the south, a mysterious sight. Blue water, boats scattered around, sunlight, sand beach, and waves give one a unique sense of serenity. Reed is a paradise for the birds. There is a net of water ways which is good enough for them to sing, to swim, to dive, etc, exactly a nice looking paint. And at the moment, the Golden Beach is open for the tourists.
The first touching spot of the Bosten Lake, here the reed is in different pose as reflecting from the water. The island in the middle of the water is nice and quiet, where birds are flying up and down while fishes are swimming here and there, water lotus is in full blossom which is very attractive.
The lover’s cottage on the island, simple and convenient, make one feel like home. Looking up further on the surface of the water, one may by chance find a nice sight of mirage. Standing on a high terrace, one may participate some items of sports as rubber boats, lover's boats, water skiing, motor boat and parachute, etc. One may simply jump into the water to swim in the nature. To stay for the night one may enjoy the unique twilight. The restaurant here serves fish banquet. One may enjoy the beautiful scenery and at the same time enjoy the fish. The spot is an ideal place for holiday making; honey moon; family get-together; group and conference travel; relax,etc. 
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