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Dainties of Dunhuang

As a traditional handmade wheaten food, it is the best way to treat guests by local people. The cooking is to blend flour with water and roll dough into a thin and at sheet. Cutting a sheet of dough in leek- thinned noodles, then putting them into boiling water till they are done. Other ethen the same method of the of the ordinary cooking noddles, a notable feature of this noodle is its soup, which is prepared by boiling pork, mutton, radish and potatoes cubes in a cooker pan in advance, adding shredded bean curd, shallot, garlic, caraway, dried shrimp flak and sesame as seasoning afterwards. Pouring the carefully cooked soup into bow of boiled noodles, a delicious noodle with minced meat is finished.
Broad potato jelly, with some translucent yellow and some slippery white jade, mixes with sour and pungent seasoning, tasting savory and refreshing, pliable but strong. It is a popular local snack.
Bean jelly and mutton broth also a traditional snack in Dunhuang, appearing various colors-yellow, red, green and white, assailing the nostrils fragrance, it has functions of tonification, producing the heat and relieving the cold. The cooking is to select a fat wether produced in local area as a material; cutting mutton into chunks then boiling them with clean water in a cooker pan. Upon mutton is cooked, picking up blood froth on soup, adding a small amount of refined salt, then take cooked mutton chunks out pan to take bones out of a piece of mutton. And then stew bones with gentle heart to be served for soup. When the soup is to be used, firstly dipping out mutton soup and adding water, then putting a proper amount of ginger, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese cinnamon, chilli, refined salt, radish slice and garlic into together till soup is boiling. Pouring prepared broth into a bow of bean jelly chunks with mutton slices, sprinkling minced caraway and chilli, a bow of bean jelly and mutton broth is done.
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