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Gaochang Ruins

Location:About 40km east of east of Turpan City,between Sanbao and Erban townships.
   It id called “Duhu City”in Uygur,that is “King City”,which ranks number three in the West Region,after the Guici King City and the Yulin City.It was established by the solders,who were sent to cultivate land in the former Cheshi Kingdom,during the Western Han Dynasty at one century B.C. Because of its “high position and prosperous residents”,it is called Gaochang Wall.During the later Han Dynasty.the Wei Dynasty and Jin Dynasty,the rules sent officers to govern the place and flight against the Xiongnu invaders.Therefore,the city is also called “Officers City”.The name “Gaochang Kingdom” remained unchanged during the Northern and Southern Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty.During the reign of Zhenguan,the Tang Dynasty defeated the kingdom and established xizhou.In the mid-9th century,some huihe people set up the Gaochang kingdom here,which first attached to Sui Dynasty and later to the Yuan Dynasty and changed its name to “Huozhou”.The whole city fell th ruins in the war at the end of the 13th century.
   The ruins of Gaochang covers an area of 2sq km.the road and streets are well built and crossed.It have three layers,the outer city,the inner city and court city,resembling the structures of Xi’an in the Tang Dynasty.The wall base of the outer city is 12-meter thick and 11.5-meter high,made of rammed earth and mud.the inner city is the centre of the outer city,and the court city is located in the northmost part.it is recorded that there were 12 gates in the city.and the city would bu segment by markets,workshop,temples and residency.In this high time,there were about 3000 resident and 3000 monks.The ruins of a big temple is at the southwestern corner,taking up 10000sq meters,with its gate,courtyard,big altar,niche,and tower remaining intact.It is said that the temple is the place where Xuan Xang preached for a month at the invitation of King Qu Wentai.In addition,there is a high platform made of red earth north to the centre of the city.The remaining bade of the platform is 15 meters high.Named “Kehanbao”,the place is believed to be ruins of Qu wetai’s palace.The Ruins of Gaochang were designated a cultural relic under state protection in 1961.
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