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Tianshan Grand Canyon

As one of the important Xinjiang tour destinations alone the silk road, Tianshan Grand Canyon scenic spot is composed with snow mountains, forests, lakes and grasslands.

What to visit in Tianshan Grand Canyon?
Tianshan Grand Canyon has a large area, including Bilong Bay, Jiasidaban sightseeing area, Qiaoya Meadow, Swan Lake Natural Scenic Area, Screen Wall mountain, Sightseeing boat centre, Tianshan Dam and Tianshan Lake, tourists can take battery cars to visit the scenic area. Here you can see all the scenery of Xinjiang, including snow mountains, canyons, green plants, water flow, and so on. Meanwhile, the Tianshan Grand Canyon is also a paradise of photographers, in addition, there are many yurt of Kazakh herdsmen in the canyon, which provide special delicacies such as mutton and other Xinjiang food to name just a few. Furthermore, tourist can enjoy the delicacies between mountains and rivers, which is quite comfortable.

Why is worth to visit?
Tianshan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in Urumqi County, it is the best scenery where you can breath the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, there are many beautiful views and flocks and herds, so it is a good place for natives and tourists to visit in summer.

Swan Lake:
The Swan Lake is situated on the alpine meadow, with an altitude of 2449 metres. Its lake is clear and bottomless. It is said that a Kazakh girl was cried bitterly for three days for her lover who was died in the battle, and her tears has formed the Swan Lake. Every summer and autumn are the best time to visit the Swan Lake, at that time, you can not only see the beautiful swans here, but also enjoy the natural landscape of Grand Canyon.

Zhaobi Mountain:
Zhaobi Mountain is the main mountain body at the entrance of Tianshan Grand Canyon Scenic Area. It is densely covered with pure spruce forest. The mountain body is northeast-southwest, surrounded by water on three sides, and has a pyramid shape of up to 400 metres on the side. According to folklore, Zhaobi Mountain is named because it resembles the Zhaobi of the old royal and noble mansions. Because of the unique terrain, you will see some strange natural scenery such as sunrise three days after rain. The spruce forests on Zhaobi Mountain are tall and dense, the valleys are flat and wide, the grass is green and the streams are rippling at the bottom of the valley, which is suitable for developing forest health vacation tourism products.

Qiaoya Grassland:
Qiaoya Grassland is situated on the east side of Swan Lake, with an elevation of more than 2500 metres. In the meadow, tourists will see the herds of sheep and cows plus yurts were scattered over the grassland, which is the home of Kazakh herdsmen.

When is the best time to visit?
Every summer and autumn are the best time to travel to Tianshan Grand Canyon, at that time, you can not only enjoy the natural landscape of Grand Canyon, but also see the various and unique creatures.

The admission Ticket: 75 RMB/Person
Battery cars: 50 RMB/Person

Opening time:
The scenic spot is open all day
Ticket sales and operation time: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM
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