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Abakh Khoja Tomb

As one of the important Xinjiang travel destinations along the silk road, the Tomb of Xiangfei formerly known as Abakh Khoja Tomb, it is located in the eastern suburb of Kashgar City. The Abakh Khoja Tomb is the famous family tomb of Abakh Khoja, a powerful 17th century Kashgar governor. In fact, this is a mausoleum group of 72 people from five generations of a large family, and the Tomb of Xiangfei is just one of them.

What to visit in Abakh Khoja Tomb?
The Abakh Khoja Tomb is a large courtyard, in which gates, mosque, churches and main buildings, which are full of Islamic style. In 1640, this tomb holds five generations of his family, the tomb is an architectural masterpiece and one of Xinjiang's holiest places. During the Korban Festival, you will see many Muslim pilgrims from all over Xiniiang visit this tomb. The first generation buried here was the family of Yusof Khoja, a revered Islamic missionary and upon his death, his eldest son Abakh Khoja inherited his work, when Abakh Kohja passed away in 1693, his reputation had far exceeded his father's and the tomb was renamed after him. On the outset, you will see a beautiful gate tower decorated with colourful paintings and beautiful brick carvings. Not far is a lovely pond framed by swaying trees, lending the place a feeling of tranquility.
The main tomb is the most important building in the scenic area, besides you can also see a beautiful Bunker Tower. When you visit the Tomb, you will find that the walls of are all covered with dark green glazed tiles from top to bottom, painted with colourful pictures and Arabic Koran. These glazed bricks were fired more than 300 years ago, and they are still bright and beautiful.

The Doctrine-hall of Teaching:
To the west of Tombs Hall is the Great Hall of Prayer - a spacious enclosure framed by wooden balustrades. The walls are adorned by handiwork of ancient craftsmen. The other major building is the Doctrine-hall of Teaching.

Xiangfei Tomb:
Another important tomb is the Xiangfei Tomb, which belongs to Abakh Khoja's granddaughter Iparhan Legend goes that Iparhan, known as Xiangfei in Chinese, was taken to the capital to be the imperial consort of the Qing emperor Qianlong, who fell desperately in love with her. She spent 28 years in the Forbidden City and never saw her family again. There's a tomb belonging to her in the Eastern Qing Mausoleum, where the rest of Emperor Qianlong's concubines are buried, but the final resting place of her mortal remains continues to be a point of contention.

When is the best time to visit?
Every June to October is the best time to travel to Kasgar, at this time, the temperature is moderately cool, the melons and fruits are quite fragrance, which is quite suitable for travel and sightseeing.
In addition, during the two major traditional Islamic festivals, Eid al-Fitr and the Corban Festival (10th December), there will be a grand pilgrimage at the Id Kah Mosque, when thousands of Muslims will gather in the square outside the mosque to worship and hold a series of celebrations, and that is quite worth to visit.

The structure of Abakh Khoja Tomb:
The tomb complex is comprised of several magnificent buildings, with the Tombs Hall as the central structure. It's easily identified from the outside by its huge dome, which is covered in green-glazed tiles and measures some 56 feet(17 m) across. The dome and its four minarets seem like a mini replica of the India's Taj Mahal.

Other information of Abakh Khoja Tomb:
Inside the 85-foot-high (26 m), 128-foot long (39 m)Tombs Hall are several tombs each covered by a different coloured cloth. Built with glazed bricks, the tombs are decorated with beautiful flower patterns set against a white background. The large sized tombs house the males, while the females occupy smaller-sized tombs.

How to get there:
1.The Tomb of Xiangfei is located in the eastern suburb of Kashgar, travel can take bus No. 20 to the scenic area.
2.Travelers can also take Taxi to the scenic area, the starting price of the taxi in Kashgar City is 5 yuan.

The admission ticket: 30 RMB/Person

Opening Time:
9.30 AM to 9.30 PM
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