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Dunhuang Folk-custom Museum

Occupying an area of I0mu and building area over 4, 300m², the museum, a manor type museum representing folk customs in the northwest of China, is located in the Crescent Lake Scenic Spot. Adopting a traditonal architectural stuture in fortress style, frequently seen quadrangle folk house can prevent sand, guard against theft and defense banditis. The architecture and exhibits display modern life style in west of Yellow River along the Silk Road. Carved with special care, the wooden structure arts are elegant, simple and unsophisticated and indoor exhibits are simple and varied in style in spacious room. The content involves some twenty subjects such as local folk cultures, faith, festivals concerning changes of climate and other natural phenomena in a year, game and entertainment, business practices, paintings and calligraphies of celebrities, four treasures of study, jade carving and jewelry and folk needlework.
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