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Sichuan Embroidery and Jiangsu Embroidery, Hunan Embroidery, Guangdong Embroidery are the Four Famous Embroidery of China, Sichuan Embroidery has a history of over 3000 years. It is characterized by precise stitch, thin needle, bright thread and elegat color, flower, bird, insect, fish, landscape and figure are all subject matters of Shu Embroidery, Its representative works include "otus&carp" AND "Giant Panda".

Sichuan Brocade
is the brocade school with the longest history and largest influence in China. It was originated from the Han, reached its heyday in the Tang and developed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Sichuan Brocade, Yun Brocade in Nanjing, Song Brocade in Suzhou, and Zhuang Brocade in Guangxi are the Four Famous Brocades of China. Sichuan Brocade ranks the first of the four brocades and is reputed as "The Treasure of Orient&A Wonder of China".

Lacquer Art
Chengdu lacquer work is a kind of handwork combining art with practicability. It takes Chinese lacquer and solid wood as raw materials and has fine, glossy surface and flowery pattern. It can be not only superb and noble adornment but also refined and durable daily necessities. 
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